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Não existe vácuo de poder na Política Internacional by Henrique Benjamin

Análise do acadêmico Henrique Benjamin, pesquisador do LabGRIMA e bolsista FAPERGS

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“Si nos metemos en una carrera armamentista, es más probable que vayamos a la quiebra”: veterano diplomático de EE.UU. explica las tensiones con China

Según Chas Freeman, no se trata de un enfrentamiento ideológico, sino de que el gigante asiático “amenaza la supremacía económica estadounidense”.

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[EXPERT OPINIONS]Let’s start from a premise that should be completely obvious from… by Giuseppe Gagliano

Let’s start from a premise that should be completely obvious from a strategic point of view: any maritime strategy, whether the English one – from the eighteenth century to the Second World War – or the American one, is necessarily a long-term strategy and therefore requires long-term investments by looking where it is possible to …

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[EXPERT OPINIONS] Binarization of World Politics and a Third way by Anis H. Bajrektarevic

As the present world order weakens, the mega confrontations have appeared more likely: The Sino-American relations are increasingly adversarial, with escalating frictions over trade, advanced technology, human rights, and global strategic influence.

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The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order

China Is Maneuvering for International Leadership as the United States Falters By Kurt M. Campbell and Rush Doshi

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