WCAS 2018 Technical Program

WCAS 2018 Final Technical Program

Tuesday, Aug. 28

9:00h Malbec B – Tutorial
Integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converters for high-density capacitive energy storage
Filip Tavernier (KU Leuven – Belgium)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
DC and RF reliability of advanced CMOS technologies
Edmundo Gutierrez (INAOE – Mexico) 

10:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
Design for Security – Cross-Domain Cyber-Physical System Security: Applications in Automotive and Additive Manufacturing Systems
Mohammad Al Faruque (UCI – USA)

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
Compact modeling of hysteresis effects in ReRAM devices
Enrique Miranda (UAB – Spain)

13:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
High-level Synthesis and Data-flow Implementations for Multimedia Processing
Marco Mattavelli (EPFL – Switzerland)

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – Tutorial
Reliability challenges for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies including RF Applications
Fernando Guarin (GlobalFoundries – USA)

20:00h Sauvignon – Welcome Reception


Wednesday, Aug. 29

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Automatic Customizable Computing From DSLs to FPGAs for Deep Learning and Beyond
Jason Cong (UCLA – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot D – WCAS Session 1 
Analog & Mixed Sinal I
Session Chair: Alessandro Girardi

Development of a ΣΔ ADC in Conventional CMOS Technology Using Radiation Hardening Techniques
Jair Emeri, Antonio Telles, Saulo Finco and Wilmar Moraes

A 130 Nm CMOS UHF Satellite Receiver Front-End for the Brazilian Environmental Data Collecting System
Renê Timbó, Hamilton Klimach and Eric Fabris

Wake-Up Receivers Survey: Design Trends and Challenges
Nelson Andrade, Sergio Bampi and Hamilton Klimach

A Numerical Method to Design Multi-Stage RF Rectifiers for IoT Energy Harvesting Applications
Alonso Schmidt, Hamilton Klimach and Sergio Bampi

12:20h – Lunch

14:20h Pinot D – WCAS Session 2
Digital, Reconfigurable Applications I
Session Chair: Sidinei Ghissoni

A Tool for TMR or DTMR Designs
Giane Ulloa and Cristina Meinhardt

Design and Implementation of a Feedforward Neural Network in FPGA
Henrique Souza Baqueiro dos Santos and Wagner Luiz Alves de Oliveira

Implementation of QDI Circuits with Isochronic Forks Satisfied in Altera/Intel FPGAs
Vitor Torres, Duarte Oliveira, Roberto d’Amore, Orlando Verducci and Leonardo Romano

Synthesis of QDI Direct Output Finite State Machines from Synchronous Specifications
Orlando Verducci, Vitor Torres, Robson Moreno and Leonardo Romano

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Pinot D – WCAS Session 3
SoC, NoC, Embedded
Session Chair: Rafael Soares

 System Implementation of a Gesture Detection Glove for Human-Computer Interaction
Marcelo Romanssini, Felipe Quirino and Alessandro Girardi

MPVUE – Multi-Processor System-On-Chip Platform for Computer Vision Based Solutions
Gustavo Ilha, Anderson Ignacio da Silva, Rafael de Figueiredo Viana, Eduardo Augusto da Costa, Davi Nachtigall Lazzarotto, Douglas Frantz Lawisch, Altamiro Susin and Cezar Rodolfo Wedig Reinbrecht

Multi-Level Simulation and Recommender System Framework for Design Space Exploration of Multiprocessor Embedded Platforms
Vitor Bandeira, Luciano Ost and Ricardo Reis

Development of a NoC Simulator in a Multiagent-System Environment
Gustavo Lima, Nelson Traversi, Diana Adamatti, Cristina Meinhardt, Eduardo Brião and Odorico Mendizabal

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:20h – Oppening Cerimony


Thursday, Aug. 30 

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Development of Sensors and Energy Storage Capacities for Fully Autonomous Systems
Joan Ramón Morante (IREC – Spain)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot D – WCAS Session 4
CAD, Verification and Test
Session Chair: Tiago Balen

The SoC Clock Verification Methodology: A Modular Approach Empowering Clock Verification Towards a More Efficient and Practical Solution
Stefanos Homero Linakis 

A Nonlinear Analytic Placement for 3DFPGAS. The 3D-Chaotic Place
Elias Ramos, Guilherme Bontorin and Ricardo Reis

Evaluation of Process Variability Mitigation Adopting Different Transistor Arrangements
Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt, Laurent Artola, Guillaume Hubert, Fernanda Kastensmidt and Ricardo Reis

Process Variability Attenuation Using Schmitt Trigger at Near-Threshold Voltage Operation
Leonardo Moraes, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt and Ricardo Reis

XORs Analysis under Process Variability HP and LSTP in 7nm Finfet Technology
Fabio Gustavo Rossato Gomes da Silva, Ricardo Reis and Cristina Meinhardt 

Improving 7nm FINFET Layout Robustness of Logic Cells with Multi-Level Design
Leonardo Brendler, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt and Ricardo Reis 

12:20h – Lunch

14:20h Pinot D – WCAS Session 5
Analog & Mixed Sinal II
Session Chair: Hamilton Klimach

Electric Model Extraction and Analysis for On-Chip CMOS Inductors
Rodrigo Godinho Silva, Altamirando Ferreira, Bernardo Leite, Oscar Gouveia Filho and André Augusto Mariano

Experimental Characterization of a Miller Ota Designed Through a Semi-Automated Tool Based on Optimization Heuristics
Luiz Antônio da Silva Jr., Anderson Fortes, Robson Domanski, Paulo César Aguirre and Alessandro Girardi

Design and Test of a Four-Channel Sample and Hold Circuit – A Class Project
Estêvão C. Teixeira

IC Brazil Program RS Training Center: Applying Statistical Benchmarking in AMS/RF IC Design Teaching
Pedro Toledo, Renê Timbó, Nelson Andrade, Alonso Schmidt, William Medeiros, Barbara Souza, Carla Dagostin, Diego D’Agostin, Eduardo Correia, Felipe Kalinski, Guilherme Cavalheiro, Lesley Ferreira, Mauricio Carlotto, Pedro Neri, Vanessa Lima, Hamilton Klimach, Eric Fabris, Sergio Bampi and Nilton Morimoto 

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:40h Casa Valduga – Event Dinner


Friday, Aug. 31

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare
Nikil Dutt (UCI – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot D – WCAS Session 6
Digital, Reconfigurable Applications II
Session Chair: Pietro Maris Ferreira

A Low-Power 8K@60fps HEVC Deblocking Filter Architecture
Roberta Palau, Jones Goebel, Guilherme Corrêa, Marcelo Schiavon Porto and Luciano Agostini

Design Flow Methodology for Configurable Digital Logic Design in Structured ASIC
Juarez Soares, Marcos Herve, Paulo Augusto dal Fabro and Murilo Pessatti

Comparison of Baugh-Wooley and Booth Radix-2 Multiplier Architectures in 16nm Technology
Douglas Borges, Cristina Meinhardt and Vagner Rosa

Exploring Process Variability Mitigation Techniques on 16nm Mirror CMOS Full Adder
Samuel Toledo, Ricardo Reis and Cristina Meinhardt 

Hardware Implementation of Wavelet Transform Feature Extraction for Data Streaming Platform
Gustavo Maia Ferreira, Hilton de Oliveira Mota and Flávio Henrique Vasconcelos

12:20h – Lunch

15:40h Carmenère– Coffee-Break

18:20h Malbec B – Closing Cerimony  

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