SBCCI Invited Talk: Victor Grimblatt

Victor Grimblatt
Synopsys Chile R&D Center – Chile
Wednesday, Aug. 29 – 13:40h – Malbec B

Victor Grimblatt

The Pace Of Innovation

“Innovation runs at a scarily fast pace.” [William H. Gates III].
Our industry is now moving into the 5/3 nanometer nodes, which will require an unprecedented level of innovation and collaboration: new devices and materials are emerging that may replace FinFET at 3 nanometers, to say nothing about the manufacturing equipment; at the same time, sheer complexity continues to increase, as it has been the norm with the progress of Moore’s Law: several consumer products, integrating tens of billions of transistors, and manufactured in hundreds of millions of units, have successfully hit the market delivering unparalleled power and performance marks.

After decades of domination by general purpose CPU and GPU, innovation is disrupting also computing architectures: massively parallel Tensor Processing Units (TPU) have demonstrated that a computer can learn from past experience and, for example, become a chess Grandmaster in less than four hours, or classify zillions of images with surprising accuracy and speed.

The computing and memory requirements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications greatly exceed the capabilities of current electronics and are unlikely to be met by isolated improvements in transistors, data storage technologies or integrated circuit architectures alone.

Josephson Junction-based superconducting electronics promises to innovate High-Performance Computing (HPC) by delivering 100X more performance using 100X less power and is the foundation for a new class of computers, based on the laws of quantum physics. A 72 qubits Quantum Computer (QC), and an initiative to make cloud-based QC commercially available for businesses and research have been recently announced; QC may change the landscape of finance, imaging diagnostics, meteorology, pharmacology and, of course, security all the way.

This talk offers an overview of the key disruptive innovations that are changing the landscape of our industry.

Speaker’s Biography:

Victor Grimblatt has an engineering diploma in microelectronics from Institut Nationale Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG – France) and an electronic engineering diploma from Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (Chile). He is currently R&D Group Director and General Manager of Synopsys Chile, leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). He opened the Synopsys Chile R&D Center in 2006. He has expertise and knowledge in business and technology and understands very well the trends of the electronic industry; therefore he is often consulted for new technological business development.

He has published several papers in EDA and embedded systems development, and since 2007 he has been invited to several Latin American Conferences (Argentina, Brazil, CHile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) to talk about Circuit Design, EDA, and Embedded Systems. Since 2012 he is chair of the IEEE Chilean chapter of the CASS. He is also the President of the Chilean Electronic and Electrical Industry Association (AIE).

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