INSCIT 2018 Technical Program

INSCIT 2018 Final Technical Program

Tuesday, Aug. 28

SBCCI/SBMicro Tutorials


Wednesday, Aug. 29

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Automatic Customizable Computing: From DSLs to FPGAs for Deep Learning and Beyond
Jason Cong (UCLA – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot A – INSCIT Invited Talk
Acoustic wave sensors for biochemical sensing: Perspectives for in situ measurements in amazon rivers
Ollivier Tamarin (UAG – France) 

11:20h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 1
Detectors, Sensors and Transducers Systems and Techniques I
Session Chairs: Raimundo Freire, Bruno Arruda

Analysis of the Density and Temperature Invariant Displacer-Type Liquid Level Measuring Method
Matheus Souza, Elyson Carvalho, Jânio Canuto and Raimundo Freire

v-Angra readout electronics and target detector assessment using a cosmic rays based trigger
Marcelo Paschoal, Guilherme Lopes, David Souza, Igor Costa, Rafael Nóbrega, João Carlos Anjos, Herman Lima, Geraldo Cernicchiaro, Iuri Pepe, Dion Ribeiro, Pietro Chimenti, Germano Guedes, Luis Fernando Gonzalez and Ernesto Kemp

A Fully Passive UHF RFID Soil Moisture Time-Domain Transmissometry Based Sensor
Newton Fonsêca, Raimundo Freire, Smail Tedjini, Glauco Fontgalland and Bruno Arruda

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 2
Measurement Systems Modelling
Session Chairs: Ollivier Tamarin, David Melo

Instrumentation and Algorithms for the Sonification of Scanning Probe Microscopy Output
Tiago Freitas, Hudson Miranda, Cassiano Rabelo and Ado Jorio

Modelling and Estimation of the Oxygen Transfer Function in a Bioreactor with Aeration Driven by PWM Signal
Francisco Jadilson dos Santos Silva, Sebastian Yuri Cavalcanti Catunda, Carlos E. T. Dorea and Adrianus C. van Haandel

Signal simulation based on the characteristics of the neutrinos Angra Experiment’s readout electronics
Guilherme Lopes, David Souza, Igor Costa, Rafael Nóbrega, João Anjos, Iuri Pepe, Eduardo Simas, Herman Júnior, Geraldo Cernicchiaro, Pietro Chimenti, Germano Guedes, Luis Gonzales and Ernesto Kemp

Finite Element Modelling design and optimization of Love Wave mesoporous tranducers for biochemical detection in liquid medium
Ollivier Tamarin, Maxence Rube, Cédric Boissiere, Jean Luc Lachaud, Hamida Hallil, Corinne Dejous and Dominique Rebiere

A New System for All-optical AND Logic Gate on Semiconductor Optical Amplifier based Michelson Interferometer
Jackson Oliveira, Fabio Sousa, Fiterlinge Sousa, Jorge Oliveira, Marcio Costa and Marcos Costa

A less complex and effective approach to design current sample-and-hold circuits with clock generation for use on current mode ADCs
Cleber Almeida, Amauri Oliveira and Raimundo Freire

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 3
RFID and RF Measurement Circuits and Techniques
Session Chairs: Davies Monteiro, Euclides Chuma

Cell Library Design for Ultra-Low Power Internet-of-Things Applications
Michael Lopes de Oliveira, Frank Sill Torres and Keyliane da Silva Fernandes

Low-cost circular-polarizared patch antenna for RFID applications
Camila Caroline Rodrigues de Albuquerque, Alexandre Jean Rene Serres, Pierre Lemaitre-Auger, Jéssyca Iasmyn Lucena Araujo and Samuel Medeiros Araújo Morais

Using Metamaterial Complementary Split Ring Resonators for Measuring Dielectric Constants and Loss Tangents at 22 GHz
Euclides Chuma, Yuzo Iano, Leonardo Bravo Roger and Glauco Fontgalland

Passive RFID Tag for Respiratory Frequency Monitoring
Jéssyca Araujo, Samuel Morais, Georgina Serres, Camila Albuquerque, Alexandre Serres, Danilo Santos and Joabson Carvalho

High-Q MEMS Ring Resonator Design for Multi-band Filter Application
João Victor B. Alves, Eduarda S. da C. Losqui, Bruno de M. F. Cabral, Bernardo L. Marques, Lucas M. Chaves, Felipe A. Costa de Oliveira and Davies William de Lima Monteiro

18:20h Carmenère – Oppening Cerimony


Thursday, Aug. 30 

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Development of Sensors and Energy Storage Capacities for Fully Autonomous Systems
Joan Ramón Morante (IREC – Spain)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot A – INSCIT Invited Talk
Measurement and Instrumentation at the Tissue: Machine interface
Andrew Taberner (University of Auckland – New Zealand)

11:20h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 4
Detectors, Sensors and Transducers Systems and Techniques II
Session Chairs: Sebastian Yuri Catunda, Raimundo C. S. Freire

Optoacoustic sensor for real-time detection of fruit flies (Diptera:Tephritidae) for use in intelligent traps
Fabiano Sandrini Moraes, Dori Edson Nava and Vagner Santos da Rosa

Exploring Autonomic Sensors Processing in the Internet of Things
Douglas Scheunemann, Verônica Tabim, Adenauer Yamin, João Lopes and Claudio Geyer

Modeling a Multi-Echo Ultrasonic Waves Propagation using 2D Ray-Tracing Method
Felipe Santos and Juan Villanueva

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 5
Signal Processing and Data Storage
Session Chairs: Francisco Jadilson Sousa, Gustavo Maia Ferreira

Gain and offset calibration for an Analog-to-Information Converter
Bruno Arruda, Raimundo Carlos Silvério Freire, Edmar Gurjão, Veronica Silva, Luis Torres, Vanderson Reis and Newton Fonseca

Test Method for AIC based on extension IEEE Std.1241 Sine-wave Fit using Multi-Sine Signals
Veronica Silva, Bruno Arruda, Cleonilson Souza, Edmar Gurjão, Vanderson Reis and Raimundo Carlos Freire

Parameterized FPGA Implementation of a Real-time Discrete Wavelet Transform Processor
Gustavo Maia Ferreira, Flávio Henrique Vasconcelos and Hilton de Oliveira Mota

Big Data Analytics of Smart Grids using Artificial Intelligence for the Outliers Correction at Demand Measurements
José Neto, Juan Villanueva, Pedro Andrade and Felipe Santos

Study of the Discretization Process applied to Continuous Random Variables in the Density Estimation Context
Rafael M. Costa, David M. Souza, Guilherme S. Lopes, Igor A. Costa and Rafael A. Nóbrega

Wavelet Total Variation Method Applied to Partial Discharge Signal Denoising
Paulo Vitor do Carmo Batista, Hilton de Oliveira Mota, Fernando Thomé de Azevedo Silva and Flávio Henrique de Vasconcelos 

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:40h Casa Valduga – Event Dinner


Friday, Aug. 31

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare
Nikil Dutt (UCI – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Pinot A – INSCIT Session 6
Digital and Analog Signal Processing Techniques
Session Chairs: Sebastian Yuri Catunda, Felipe Gomes

Ionization Current Detection for Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) on Dual Mode Engines Using a Compact Flyback Circuit
Edelson da Silva Procopio Venuto, Armando Antônio Maria Laganá and Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho

A new low power and all-MOS voltage-to-current converter for current mode ADCs with high linearity, high bandwidth and rail-to-rail input range
Cleber Almeida, Amauri Oliveira and Raimundo Freire

A new modular framework for implementing A/D converters in CMOS technology in current mode
Cleber Almeida, Amauri Oliveira and Raimundo Freire

Large AC testing of PN junction diodes
Felipe Gomes, Roberto Batista Sardenberg and Jose M. A. Figueiredo

Analytical Modeling for the Characterization of On-Chip Spiral Inductor in 0.13 µm
Marcos Bernardo, Érico Mélo, Antonio Souza and Raimundo Carlos Freire

 12:20h – Lunch

14:20h Pinot A – INSCIT Steering Meeting

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

18:20h Malbec B – Closing Cerimony  

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