SFORUM 2018 Technical Program

SForum 2018 Final Technical Program

Tuesday, Aug. 28

9:00h Malbec B – Tutorial
Integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converters for high-density capacitive energy storage
Filip Tavernier (KU Leuven – Belgium)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
DC and RF reliability of advanced CMOS technologies
Edmundo Gutierrez (INAOE – Mexico) 

10:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
Design for Security – Cross-Domain Cyber-Physical System Security: Applications in Automotive and Additive Manufacturing Systems
Mohammad Al Faruque (UCI – USA)

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
Compact modeling of hysteresis effects in ReRAM devices
Enrique Miranda (UAB – Spain)

13:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
High-level Synthesis and Data-flow Implementations for Multimedia Processing
Marco Mattavelli (EPFL – Switzerland)

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – Tutorial
Reliability challenges for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies including RF Applications
Fernando Guarin (GlobalFoundries – USA)

20:00h Sauvignon – Welcome Reception


Wednesday, Aug. 29

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Automatic Customizable Computing: From DSLs to FPGAs for Deep Learning and Beyond
Jason Cong (UCLA – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

12:20h – Lunch

15:40h Carmenère – SForum Poster Session 1
Session Chair: Alexandra Lackmann Zimpeck

Investigating the use of modern heterogeneous CPU-FPGA architectures on the 3-SAT problem
Gabriel Coimbra, Lucas Silva and José Augusto Nacif

Approximate 4x41D-DCT Hardware Architecture Using Imprecise LOA Adder
Mateus Leme, Luciano Braatz, Marcelo Schiavon Porto and Luciano Agostini

Reducing variability impact on 7nm Mirror CMOS Layout
Leonardo Moraes, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt and Ricardo Reis

Comparing the Performance of 4-bits Adders Topologies on Sub 32nm Bulk CMOS Technologies
Albano Borba, Vagner Rosa and Cristina Meinhardt

How Different Transistor Arrangements Impact Process Variability and Radiation Effects
Leonardo Brendler, Alexandra Zimpeck, Cristina Meinhardt and Ricardo Reis

Low-Complexity TZS Algorithm for Embedded Video Encoders
Candido Moraes, Paulo Gonçalves, Marcelo Schiavon Porto and Guilherme Corrêa

Analysis of Multifinger PIN Diodes Operating as Light Sensors
Gustavo Castro, Antonio Gomes, Carla Novo and Renato Giacomini

Fixed-point Arithmetic Architecture of a Physically-meaningful Perceptron for Digital Pre-distorters
Juliana Pereira, Felipe Schoulten, Caio Mizerkowski, Sibilla França and Eduardo Lima

Investigating CMOS Inverters Noise Margins at Different Technologic Nodes
Clayton Farias, Paulo Butzen and Cristina Meinhardt

FPGA Based Edge Detection Architecture for Embedded Applications
Lucas Caetano, Vagner da Rosa and Nelson Lopes Duarte Filho

Comparing the SEU Robustness of 6T and 8T-SER SRAM cells at 16nm
Cleiton M. Marques, Roberto Almeida, Cristina Meinhardt and Paulo Butzen

Exploring Parallel Prefix Adders in Optimized Squared Array Multiplier
Morgana Macedo Azevedo da Rosa, Leandro Rocha, Guilherme Paim, Eduardo Costa and Sergio Bampi

An Assessment of HEVC Intra-Frame Prediction over 360-degrees Videos
Iago Storch, Daniel Palomino, Luciano Agostini, Bruno Zatt and Luís Cruz

A Comparative Analysis of Different Boolean Function Synthesis Methods
Renato Ribas, Walter Lau and Gabriel Ammes

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:20h Malbec BC – Oppening Cerimony


Thursday, Aug. 30 

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Development of Sensors and Energy Storage Capacities for Fully Autonomous Systems
Joan Ramón Morante (IREC – Spain)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

12:20h – Lunch

15:40h Carmenère – SForum Poster Session 2
Session Chair: Vladimir Afonso

Demonstration of SAMD21 Development Kit use in IoT through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocol
Felipe Seitenfus, Leandro Frazzon and Carlos Barriquello

Experimental comparison between Fully and Partially depleted SOI MOSFETs through analog parameters
Carlos Augusto Zan Malguti, Welder Fernandes Perina, Paula Ghedini Der Agopian and João Antonio Martino

An Investigation of Security-aware Strategies against Differential Power Analysis
Vinicius Renato Rocha Geraldo, Mateus Brugnaroto, Vitor Lima and Rafael Soares

Microcontroller-based lock-in amplifier: A comparative study
Diogo Rikio Miyazaki, Marlio Jose Couto Bonfim, Eduardo Parente Ribeiro, Rafael da Silva Ferraz and Raiff Sales da Fonseca

Analysis of basic parameters of proton irradiated n-channel FinFETs
Welder Perina, Carlos Malaguti, Paula Agopian and João Martino

Linearity characterization of a multimode CMOS Power Amplifier for IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ax and LTE signals
Arthur Amorim Modesto, Jonathas Henrique Mariano Pereira, Fávero Santos, Bernardo Leite and André Augusto Mariano

Modified Limiter Applied to Crest Factor Reduction Based on Non-uniformly Sampled Look-up Tables
Felipe Schoulten and Eduardo Lima

Fully Integrated Dual-mode RF CMOS Power Amplifier Design
Gabriel Borba, Arthur Modesto, Bernardo Leite and Andre Mariano

Energy-Aware HEVC Transrating based on Frame Partitioning Inheritance
Thiago Bubolz, Ruhan Avila Conceição, Mateus Grellert, Bruno Zatt, Luciano Agostini and Guilherme Corrêa

Study of body factor and inversion charge density dependence on temperature in UTBB SOI MOSFETs
Natasha Cristine Cezarino Merzbahcer, Gabriel Lima, Arianne Pereira and Renato Giacomini

Low-power and Fast Monolithic 8-2 Adder Compressor Circuit with Efficient Carry Propagation
Thomas Fontanari, Gustavo Santana, Guilherme Paim, Leandro Rocha, Eduardo Costa and Sergio Bampi

Development of algorithm for temperature sensor based on the commercial MOSFETs behavior
Letícia Vilela, Welder Perina and Paula Agopian

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:40h Casa Valduga – Event Dinner


Friday, Aug. 31

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare
Nikil Dutt (UCI – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

12:20h – Lunch

15:40h Carmenère – SForum Poster Session 3
Session Chair: Rafael Iankowski Soares

A Fuzzy C-means algorithm to detect cryptographic signatures on DPA/DEMA attacks
Plínio Finkenauer Junior, Vinícius Valduga de Almeida Camargo, Vitor Lima, Marilton Aguiar and Rafael Soares

Extraction of the target signature for DPA/DEMA attacks using HHT and K-means clustering
Rodrigo Lellis, Adão Junior, Rafael Soares and Luciano Loder

A Library of Standard Cells Suitable for Use on a Free EDA Silicon Compiler Tool
Carlos R. dos Santos and Estêvão C. Teixeira

Evaluating the Influence of Standard Cell Libraries in two Circuit Reliability Estimation Methods
Marcelo Danigno, Matheus Pontes, Denis Franco and Paulo Butzen

Implementation of a Transistor Placement Method Based on Boolean Satisfiability into ASTRAN CAD Tool
Andrei Bubolz, Gustavo Henrique Smaniotto, Leomar Soares da Rosa Junior, Maicon Schneider Cardoso and Felipe de Souza Marques

Exploring the impact of different circuits implementations in an ATPG system
Glória Claro, Gabriel Porto and Paulo Butzen

Test Results for a Didactic Chip Designed for Study of the Basic Analog CMOS Building Blocks
Gustavo da S. Ghedim, Patrick P. Domingues, Rodolfo V. de Almeida and Estêvão C. Teixeira

GLOUSE – A Wearable Mouse Device
Rômulo Filho, Marcus Andrade, Pablo Grisi and Ricardo Jardel Nunes da Silveira

An Ultrasonic System for Chlorine Measurement in Potable Water
Gabriel Silva, Carlos Júnior and Vitor Bremgartner

Implementation of Classification Algorithms in a Smart Glove for Hand Gesture Detection
Felipe Quirino, Alessandro Girardi, Marcelo Romanssini and Mathias Baldissera

Application Development for a Gesture Capture Glove Based on Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
Mathias Baldissera, Felipe Quirino, Marcelo Romanssini and Alessandro Girardi

Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Process
Marcelo Santos

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

18:20h Malbec B – Closing Cerimony  

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