SBCCI 2018 Technical Program

SBCCI 2018 Final Technical Program

Papers assigned with an asterisk are the SBCCI2018 Best Paper Candidates.

Tuesday, Aug. 28

9:00h Malbec B – Tutorial
Integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converters for high-density capacitive energy storage
Filip Tavernier (KU Leuven – Belgium)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
DC and RF reliability of advanced CMOS technologies
Edmundo Gutierrez (INAOE – Mexico) 

10:40h Malbec B– Tutorial
Design for Security – Cross-Domain Cyber-Physical System Security: Applications in Automotive and Additive Manufacturing Systems
Mohammad Al Faruque (UCI – USA)

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
Compact modeling of hysteresis effects in ReRAM devices
Enrique Miranda (UAB – Spain)

13:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
High-level Synthesis and Data-flow Implementations for Multimedia Processing
Marco Mattavelli (EPFL – Switzerland)

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – Tutorial
Reliability challenges for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies including RF Applications
Fernando Guarin (GlobalFoundries – USA)

18:20h Malbec B – SBC/CECCI Assembly

19:20h Malbec B – Comemorative Session:  SBCCI 35th Years

20:00h Sauvignon – Welcome Reception


Wednesday, Aug. 29

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Automatic Customizable Computing: From DSLs to FPGAs for Deep Learning and Beyond
Jason Cong (UCLA – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 1
Digital Circuits and Applications I
Session Chair: Fernando Moraes (PUCRS)

*Improving Energy Efficiency on Partially Reversible Pipelined QCA Circuits
Marco Ribeiro, Iago Carvalho, Jeferson Chaves and Omar Vilela Neto

BANCS: Bidirectional Alternating Nanomagnetic Clocking Scheme
Ruan Evangelista Formigoni, Omar Vilela Neto and José Augusto Nacif

*Low-Power and High-Throughput Architecture for 3D-HEVC Depth Modeling Mode 4
Mariana Ucker, Vladimir Afonso, Luan Audibert, Altamiro Susin, Bruno Zatt, Marcelo Porto and Luciano Agostini

*A Power-Efficient and High-Throughput Hardware Design for 3D-HEVC Disparity Estimation
Murilo Perleberg, Vladimir Afonso, Ruhan Conceição, Altamiro Susin, Luciano Agostini, Bruno Zatt and Marcelo Porto

SForum best paper candidate
Energy-Aware HEVC Transrating based on Frame Partitioning Inheritance
Thiago Bubolz, Ruhan Avila Conceição, Mateus Grellert, Bruno Zatt, Luciano Agostini and Guilherme Corrêa

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Invited Talk
The Pace Of Innovation
Victor Grimblatt (Synopsys Chile R&D Center – Chile)

14:20h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 2
SoC, NoC and Reconfigurable Systems
Session Chair: Ricardo Reis (UFRGS)

*Efficient Hardware Implementation of the Fast Hybrid Morphological Reconstruction Algorithm
Oscar anacona, Felipe Cabral, Renato Sampaio, George Teodoro, Ricardo Jacobi and Carlos LLanos

Fault-tolerance at the Management Level in Many-core Systems
Vinicius Fochi, Luciano Caimi, Marcelo Holgado and Fernando Moraes

Exploring asynchronous end-to-end communication through a synchronous NoC
Iaçanã Ianiski Weber, Leonardo Londero de Oliveira, Fernando Moraes and Everton Alceu Carara

Extracting packet dependence from NoC simulation traces using association rule mining
Weslley Nojosa Costa, Lucas Pereira Lima and Otavio Alcantara

 15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 3
Digital Circuits and Applications II
Session Chair: Sergio Bampi (UFRGS)

*Low-Power HEVC 1-D IDCT Hardware Architecture
Luciano Braatz, Daniel Palomino, Bruno Zatt, Luciano Agostini and Marcelo Schiavon Porto

High Throughput Architecture For VP9 Fractional Motion Estimation
Jones Goebel, Lucas Agostini, Bruno Zatt, Luciano Agostini and Marcelo Schiavon Porto

Exploiting Partial Distortion Elimination in the Sum of Absolute Differences for Energy-Efficient HEVC Integer Motion Estimation
Brunno Abreu, Gustavo Santana, Mateus Grellert, Guilherme Paim, Leandro Rocha and Sergio Bampi

Optimization of Single-Stage FFT Architectures using Multiple Constant Multiplication
João Guilherme Nizer Rahmeier, Eduardo A. C. da Costa, Alessandro Girardi and Sidinei Ghissoni

An FPGA-based RFID Baseband Processor using a RISC-V Platform
Pedro Ishimaru, Vanessa Ogg, antonyus ferreira, Cecil Melo and Edna Barros

A Novel Limiter with Application in Crest Factor Reduction Techniques for Wireless Communications
Leandro Silva and Eduardo Lima

16:20h Pinot B – SBCCI Session 4
Reliability & Verification
Session Chair: Alexandre de Morais Amory (PUCRS)

16nm 6T and 8T CMOS SRAM Cell Robustness against Process Variability and Aging Effects
Roberto Almeida, Paulo Butzen and Cristina Meinhardt

Evaluation of Compiler Optimization Flags Effects on Soft Error Resiliency
Guilherme Medeiros, Felipe Bortolon, Luciano Ost and Ricardo Reis

A Distributed Functional Verification Environment for the Design of System-on-Chip in Heterogeneous Architectures
Thiago Silva, Daniel Moraes, Halamo Reis, Felipe Nunes, Elmar Melcher, Antonio Marcus Lima and Alisson Brito

An adaptive closed-loop verification approach in UVM-SystemC for AMS circuits
Jeferson Barros, Djones Lettnin and Victor Schulz

SForum best paper candidate
Low-Complexity TZS Algorithm for Embedded Video Encoders
Candido Moraes, Paulo Gonçalves, Marcelo Schiavon Porto and Guilherme Corrêa

SForum best paper candidate
An Assessment of HEVC Intra-Frame Prediction over 360-degrees Videos
Iago Storch, Daniel Palomino, Luciano Agostini, Bruno Zatt and Luís Cruz

18:20h Malbec B – Oppening Cerimony


Thursday, Aug. 30 

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Development of Sensors and Energy Storage Capacities for Fully Autonomous Systems
Joan Ramón Morante (IREC – Spain)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 5
Analog, RF, Mixed Signal Circuits and Applications I
Session Chair: François Rivet (Univ. Bordeaux/France)

*Push-Pull Based Operational Transconductor Amplifier Topologies for Ultra Low Voltage Supplies
Luis Henrique Rodovalho

A Charge-Sharing Bandpass Filter Topology with Boosted Q-Factor in 40-nm CMOS
Filipe Dias Baumgratz, Sandro Binsfeld Ferreira, Michiel Steyaert, Sergio Bampi and Filip Tavernier

A differential low power wake-up circuit based on systematic offset for RFID applications
Rafael Santiago Cantalice, Daniel Barcelos, Fabricio Mattos and Fernando Paixão Cortes

Low Power Bulk-Driven OTA Design Optimization Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Anderson Fortes, Luiz Antonio da Silva Júnior and Alessandro Girardi

Design of an RF six-mode CMOS power amplifier for efficiency improvement at power backoff
Bruno Tarui, Fávero Santos, Edson Santos, Bernardo Leite and Andre Mariano

 10:40h Pinot B – SBCCI Session 6
SoCs & MPSoCs
Session Chair: José Augusto Nacif (UFV)

A Design Patterns-Based Middleware for Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip
Jean Carlo Hamerski, Geancarlo Abich, Ricardo Reis, Luciano Ost and Alexandre Amory

Secure Environment Architecture for MPSoCs
Bruno Scherer Oliveira, Henrique Medina, Anderson Santana and Fernando Moraes

Improving Software Productivity and Performance through a Transparent SIMD Execution
Michael Guilherme Jordan, Tiago Knorst and Mateus Beck Rutzig

A Modular and Distributed Impedance Control Architecture on a Chip for a Robotic Hand
Sergio Andres Pertuz Mendez, Daniel Munoz, Cesar Augusto Pena Cortes and Carlos Humberto Llanos

SForum best paper candidate
Approximate 4x41D-DCT Hardware Architecture Using Imprecise LOA Adder
Mateus Leme, Luciano Braatz, Marcelo Schiavon Porto and Luciano Agostini

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Invited Talk 
FPGA Mitigation Strategies for Critical Space Applications
Melanie Berg (AS&D Inc. in support of NASA/GSFC – USA)

14:20h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 7
Radiation Effects, Reliability and Falt Tolerance
Session Chair: Melanie Berg (NASA)

Comparative Analysis of Inference Errors in a Neural Network Implemented in SRAM-Based FPGA Induced by Neutron Irradiation and Fault Injection Methods
Fabio Benevenuti, Fabiano Libano, Vincent Pouget, Fernanda Kastensmidt and Paolo Rech

Heavy ion microbeam experimental study of ASET on a full-custom CMOS OpAmp
Andrés Fontana, Sebastián Pazos, Nahuel Vega, Nahuel Müller, Fernando Aguirre, Emanuel De la Fourniere, Mario Debray and Félix Palumbo

Operational Amplifier Performance Degradation and Time-to-Failure due to Electromigration
Rafael Nunes and Roberto Orio

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:40h Casa Valduga – Event Dinner


Friday, Aug. 31

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare
Nikil Dutt (UCI – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 8:
MPSoCs & Embedded Software and Systems
Session Chair: Mohammad Al Faruque (UCI)

*3D-HEVC DMM-1 Parallelism Exploration Targeting Multicore Systems
Gustavo Sanchez, Luciano Agostini, Leonel Sousa and César Marcon

Broker Fault Recovery for a Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Middleware
Anderson Domingues, Jean Carlo Hamerski and Alexandre Amory

Hardware-Oriented Wedgelet Evaluation Skip for DMM-1 in 3D-HEVC
Gustavo Sanchez, Mário Saldanha, Luciano Agostini and César Marcon

Hybrid Memory Cube in Embedded Systems
Carlos Michel Betemps, Mauricio Lima Pilla and Bruno Zatt

Energy Aware Demodulation Implementation with Fixed Point Adaptive Precision for OFDM Systems
Robson Moraes, Juraci Galdino and Ernesto Pinto 

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec B – SBCCI Invited Talk 
Machine Learning initiatives in EDA industry
Andrea Tavares (Cadence Design Systems – Brazil)

14:20h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 9
EDA, Test & Testability
Session Chair: Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto (UFMG)

*Exact Multi-Level Benchmark Circuit Generation for Logic Synthesis Evaluation
Walter Lau Neto, Vinicius Neves Possani, Felipe Marranghello, Jody Maick Matos, Andre Reis and Renato Ribas

Enhancing Multi-Threaded Legalization Through k-d Tree Circuit Partitioning
Sheiny Fabre, José Luís Güntzel, Laércio Pilla, Renan Netto, Tiago Fontana and Vinicius Livramento

Testable Error Detection Logic Design Applied to an Asynchronous Timing Resilient Template
Felipe Kuentzer, Leonardo Juracy, Matheus Moreira and Alexandre Amory

Automatic Optimization of Robust Analog CMOS ICs: An Interactive Genetic Algorithm Driven by Human Knowledge
Rodrigo Moreto, Carlos Eduardo Thomaz and Salvador Pinillos Gimenez

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – SBCCI Session 10
Analog, RF, Mixed Signal Circuits and Applications II
Session Chair: Oscar da Costa Gouveia Filho (UFPR)

A novel SPICE model of memristive devices with threshold current based control
Cesar Dias and Paulo Butzen

A Programmable Gain Amplifier for load demodulation channel in a NFC reader chip
Tarciso A. Martins, Julio Saldaña and Wilhelmus Van Noije

Bandwidth Efficient Gaussian Minimum Frequency-Shift Keying Approach for Software Defined Radio
Lucas Costa Galvão, Candice Muller, Maria Cristina Felippetto de Castro, Fernando César Comparsi de Castro and Kayol Mayer

Ultra Low Power Tunable Filter for a Low Phase Shift on Electrocardiogram QRS-Complex Acquisition
Germán Fierro and Fernando Silveira

Multi-terminal PiezoMOSFET sensor for Stress Measurements in Silicon
Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez and Fabiano Fruett

A -40 to 250 °C Triple Modular Redundancy Temperature Sensor for Turbofan Engines
Pietro Maris Ferreira, Martin Schaeffer, Adel Mezaour, Olivier Petit, Caroline Lelandais-Perrault and Gérald Charbonnier

18:20h Malbec B – Closing Cerimony  

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