SBCCI Invited Talk: Andrea Tavares

Andrea Tavares
Cadence Design Systems – Brazil
Friday, Aug. 31 – 13:40h – Malbec B

Andrea Tavares

Machine Learning initiatives in EDA industry

Recent Deep Learning success has revival the interest on use of Machine Learning and Data Science in microelectronics industry. From specialized and dedicated IP design to the support to efficient verification flows integrating different information sources, electronic design automation is full of exciting opportunities and poses interesting challenges to the community and academy. In this talk, we will briefly present the specific uses of Machine Learning in EDA and address some recent efforts in Cadence Design Systems.

Speaker’s Biography:

Andrea Tavares has a PhD in Computer Science (UFMG, 2004) and active work in microelectronics and artificial intelligence since 1991, with many published papers and patents. She joined Jasper Design Automation in 2005, focusing on Formal Verification software development, and she is now R&D Director in Cadence Design Systems office in Belo Horizonte, responsible for a Machine Learning oriented group.

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