Best Papers

SBCCI 2018

Best Paper Award
Improving Energy Efficiency on Partially Reversible Pipelined QCA Circuits
Marco Ribeiro, Iago Carvalho, Jeferson Chaves and Omar Vilela Neto

Honorable Mention
3D-HEVC DMM-1 Parallelism Exploration Targeting Multicore Systems
Gustavo Sanchez, Luciano Agostini, Leonel Sousa and César Marcon

Honorable Mention
Exact Multi-Level Benchmark Circuit Generation for Logic Synthesis Evaluation
Walter Lau Neto, Vinicius Neves Possani, Felipe Marranghello, Jody Maick Matos, Andre Reis and Renato Ribas


SBMicro 2018

Best Paper Award
Asymmetric Self-Cascode Current-Voltage Constructing Algorithm for Analog Figures-of-Merit Extraction
Lígia Martins d’Oliveira, Valeriya Kilchytska, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Honorable Mention
Ground Plane Impact on the Threshold Voltage of Relaxed Ge pFinFETs
Guilherme Vieira Gonçalves, Alberto Oliveira, Paula Agopian, João Martino, Liesbeth Witters, Jerome Mitard, Nadine Colaert, Cor Claeys and Eddy Simoen

Honorable Mention
Experimental Analysis of Self-Heating Effects Using the Pulsed IV Method in Junctionless Nanowire Transistors
Flávio Bergamaschi, Genaro Mariniello, Sylvain Barraud and Marcelo Pavanello



Best Paper Award
A Fully Passive UHF RFID Soil Moisture Time-Domain Transmissometry Based Sensor
Newton Fonsêca, Raimundo Freire, Smail Tedjini, Glauco Fontgalland and Bruno Arruda

Best Paper Award
Finite Element Modelling design and optimization of Love Wave mesoporous tranducers for biochemical detection in liquid medium
Ollivier Tamarin, Maxence Rube, Cédric Boissiere, Jean Luc Lachaud, Hamida Hallil, Corinne Dejous and Dominique Rebiere


WCAS 2018

Best Paper Award
Wake-Up Receivers Survey: Design Trends and Challenges
Nelson Andrade, Sergio Bampi and Hamilton Klimach


SForum 2018

Best Paper Award
Energy-Aware HEVC Transrating based on Frame Partitioning Inheritance
Thiago Bubolz, Ruhan Avila Conceição, Mateus Grellert, Bruno Zatt, Luciano Agostini and Guilherme Corrêa

Best Paper Award
Microcontroller-based lock-in amplifier: A comparative study
Diogo Rikio Miyazaki, Marlio Jose Couto Bonfim, Eduardo Parente Ribeiro, Rafael da Silva Ferraz and Raiff Sales da Fonseca Mariano

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