Social Program

Chip in the Pampa 2018 Social Program

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will be held on the Dall´Onder Grande Hotel and will provide a relaxed moment to fraternize with the event participants. The reception includes foods, beers, and the Brazilian Caipirinhas with the awarded Casa Bucco cachaça from Bento Gonçalves.  The Welcome Reception climax will be a show of traditional music and dance from Rio Grande do Sul. Then a little bit of the Gaucho’s tradition will be presented to Chip in the Pampa 2018 attendees.

Event Diner at Casa Valduga

The Event Dinner will take place in the Casa Valduga winery, one of the most renowned winemakers in Brazil.

At the end of the 19th century, in 1875, the first Italian immigrant of the Valduga family arrived in Brazil. From the city of Rovereto, in northern Italy, they cultivated the first grapevines in the very heart of what is today Vale dos Vinhedos, or the Valley of Vineyards, thereby giving root to the legacy of one of Brazil’s most renowned winemakers.

The event will provide a tour in the Casa Valduga underground wine cellars where the visitors will be invited to taste some of the Casa Valduga wines.

The dinner of the event will be held in the Maria Valduga Restaurant. The restaurant, lined with historical basalt rocks, has an elegant and cozy style. The typically regional menu offers: galeto ao primo canto (spring chicken dish famous in Rio Grande do Sul), pork ribs and a variety of homemade pastas. Of course, a good Casa Valduga wine will be served to harmonize with this menu.


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