SBMicro 2018 Technical Program

SBMicro 2018 Final Technical Program


Tuesday, Aug. 28


9:00h Malbec B – Tutorial
Integrated switched-capacitor DC-DC converters for high-density capacitive energy storage
Filip Tavernier (KU Leuven – Belgium)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
DC and RF reliability of advanced CMOS technologies
Edmundo Gutierrez (INAOE – Mexico) 

10:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
Design for Security – Cross-Domain Cyber-Physical System Security: Applications in Automotive and Additive Manufacturing Systems
Mohammad Al Faruque (UCI – USA)

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – Tutorial
Compact modeling of hysteresis effects in ReRAM devices
Enrique Miranda (UAB – Spain)

13:40h Malbec B – Tutorial
High-level Synthesis and Data-flow Implementations for Multimedia Processing
Marco Mattavelli (EPFL – Switzerland)

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – Tutorial
Reliability challenges for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies including RF Applications
Fernando Guarin (GlobalFoundries – USA)

20:00h Sauvignon – Welcome Reception


Wednesday, Aug. 29

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Automatic Customizable Computing: From DSLs to FPGAs for Deep Learning and Beyond
Jason Cong (UCLA – USA)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 1
Emerging Devices I
Session Chair: José Alexandre Diniz

Accounting for Series Resistance in the Compact Model of Triple-Gate Junctionless Nanowire Transistors
Renan Trevisoli, Rodrigo Doria, Michelly de Souza and Marcelo Pavanello

Influence of Channel Silicon Thickness and Biological Material Permittivity on nTFET Biosensor
Christian Macambira, Paula Agopian and João Martino

Low-Frequency Noise Investigation in Long-Channel Fully Depleted Inversion Mode n-type SOI Nanowire
Allan Roberto Molto , Bruna Cardoso Paz , Mikaël Cassé , Sylvain Barraud , Gilles Reimbold , Maud Vinet , Olivier Faynot and Marcelo Antonio Pavanello

A Tunnel-FET device model based on Verilog-A applied to circuit simulation
Roberto Rangel, Paula Agopian and Joao Martino

SForum best paper candidate 
Linearity characterization of a multimode CMOS Power Amplifier for IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ax and LTE signals
Arthur Amorim Modesto, Jonathas Henrique Mariano Pereira, Fávero Santos, Bernardo Leite and André Augusto Mariano

 12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Invited Talk
Charge Trapping Phenomena in MOSFETS: From Noise to Bias Temperature Instability
Gilson Inacio Wirth (UFRGS – Brazil)

14:20h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 2
Electrical Characterization I
Session Chair: Salvador Gimenez

Linearity Enhancement in Asymmetric Self-Cascode Composed by FD SOI nMOSFETs
Rafael Assalti, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Analysis of the Output Conductance Degradation With the Substrate Bias in SOI UTB and UTBB Transistors
Fernando Costa, Renan Trevisoli Doria and Rodrigo Trevisoli Doria

DC method for self-heating estimation applied to FinFET
Carlos Augusto Bergfeld Mori, Paula Ghedini Der Agopian and João Antonio Martino

Improvement of the Harmonic Distortion by Using Diamond Mosfet
Marcelo Machado Aoyama, Magali Estrada, Antonio Cerdeira, Jacobus Willibrordus Swart and Salvador Pinillos Gimenez

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 3
Technology Characterization
Session Chair: Rodrigo Trevisoli Doria

Non uniformity correction in a Long Wave Infrared Focal Plane Array as a function of the higher calibration temperature
Augusto Santos, Gustavo Vieira and Ruy Castro

On the influence of conductor, semiconductor and insulating substrate on the structure of atomic layer deposited titanium dioxide thin films
Rodrigo Savio Pessoa, William Chiappim Junior, Giorgio Testoni, Gilberto Petraconi Filho and Homero Maciel

Effect of InP Epitaxial Layer Removal From an MOVPE Reactor on In-Situ Zn Diffusion for the Development of Focal Plane Array
Marcelo Rua, Eliseu Herculano, Rudy Kawabata, Luciana Pinto, Gustavo Vieira, Maurício Pires and Patrícia Souza

Characterization by GISAXS and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of porous oxide films
Danilo Huanca, Carlos Dias, Sebastião dos Santos Filho, patrick verdonck, Lucas Lima, Thomas Witters and Sven Van Elshocht 

SForum best paper candidate 
Modified Limiter Applied to Crest Factor Reduction Based on Non-uniformly Sampled Look-up Tables
Felipe Schoulten and Eduardo Lima

SForum best paper candidate 
Microcontroller-based lock-in amplifier: A comparative study
Diogo Rikio Miyazaki, Marlio Jose Couto Bonfim, Eduardo Parente Ribeiro, Rafael da Silva Ferraz and Raiff Sales da Fonseca

18:20h Malbec B – Oppening Cerimony


Thursday, Aug. 30 

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
Development of Sensors and Energy Storage Capacities for Fully Autonomous Systems
Joan Ramón Morante (IREC – Spain)

10:20h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 4
Fabrication Process and Applications I
Session Chair: Sebastião Gomes dos Santos Filho

Piezoelectricity evaluation of nanofibers membrane electrospun from PVDF dispersion for sensor application
Enrico Ceroblo Nadeo, Ana Neilde R Silva and Armando Antonio Maria Laganá

Resonant Spiral Micromachined Structure and the Effects of a Curved Geometry
Gustavo M. Ferreira, Davies William Lima Monteiro, Bruno Henrique S. Guimarães and Felipe Augusto Costa de Oliveira

Microfabricated ISM Band Inductors using MCM-D Technology over Alumina Substrates
Cristina B. Adamo, Alexander Flacker, Rafael C. Medeiros, Sergio O. Castilho, André da F. Ponchet and Ricardo Teixeira

The practice in microelectronics: a mandatory complement of the online courses in the context of digital society
Olivier Bonnaud and Laurent Fesquet

SForum best paper candidate 
Low-power and Fast Monolithic 8-2 Adder Compressor Circuit with Efficient Carry Propagation
Thomas Fontanari, Gustavo Santana, Guilherme Paim, Leandro Rocha, Eduardo Costa and Sergio Bampi

 12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Invited Talk
Ultra-Thin and Thin Films for Nano and Micron Technologies
José Alexandre Diniz (Unicamp – Brazil)

14:20h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 5
Emerging Electron Devices II
Session Chair: Michelly de Souza

Back bias impact on effective mobility of p-type nanowires SOI MOSFETs
Bruna Cardoso Paz, Mikaël Cassé, Sylvain Barraud, Gilles Reimbold, Maud Vinet, Olivier Faynot and Marcelo Antonio Pavanello

Experimental Analysis of Self-Heating Effects Using the Pulsed IV Method in Junctionless Nanowire Transistors
Flávio Bergamaschi, Genaro Mariniello, Sylvain Barraud and Marcelo Pavanello

Interface Charges Influence on the Subthreshold Region from Triple Gate SOI FinFET to Ω-Gate Nanowire Devices
Vanessa Cristina Pereira da Silva, Joao Martino and Paula Agopian

Experimental Analysis of Negative Temperature Bias Instabilities Degradation in Junctionless Nanowire Transistors
Nilton Graziano Jr, Rodrigo Doria, Sylvain Barraud, and Renan Trevisoli

15:40h Carmenère – SBMicro Poster Session

Computational Study on Schottky Barrier Height Extraction for Ballistic Nanotube Transistors
Glenda Santos and Stefan Blawid

Back Enhanced SOI MOSFET as UV Light Sensor
José Augusto Padovese, Leonardo Yojo, Ricardo Rangel, Katia Sasaki and João Martino

A PWM output temperature sensor
Diego Deotti, Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez and Fabiano Fruett

Growth and Characterization of Ge Junction for Triple Junction Solar Cell
Eliseu Herculano, Rudy Kawabata, Luciana Pinto, Daniel Micha, Roberto Jakomin, Maurício Pires and Patrícia Lustoza

NH4OH Wet Etching for Silicon Nano or Sub-Micron Wires
Guilherme M B Soares, Audrey R. da Silva, Lucas S. Zucchi, Frederico H. Cioldin, Luana Espindola, José Godoy Filho, Ioshiaki Doi and José Alexandre Diniz

Impact of the Octagonal Layout Style for MOSFETs using 180nm Bulk CMOS ICs Technology Node
Dênis Loesch, Salvador Gimenez, Jacobus Willibrordus Swart and Gabriel Augusto da Silva

Few layer large area graphene samples grown by CVD aiming application in electrochemical sensing devices     Deissy
Johanna Feria Garnica, Diego Lopez, Marcelo Carreño and Ines Pereyra

15:40h Carmenère – Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec B – Panel (in Portuguese)
Avaliação e Perspectivas da Política de Incentivos ao Desenvolvimento de Empreendimentos de TIC e Microeletrônica

18:40h Casa Valduga – Event Dinner


Friday, Aug. 31

9:00h Malbec B – Keynote
IoCT-CARE: Internet of Cognitive Things for Personalized Healthcare
Nikil Dutt (UCI – USA)

10:20h – Carmenère Coffee-Break

10:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 6
Fabrication Process and Applications II
Session Chair: Olivier Bonnaud

A Wide Tuning Range LC-VCO For The ISM Radio Band
Miguel Gómez, Jose Luis Ramirez Bohorquez, Eduardo Lima and Fabiano Fruett

Field Effect Transistors based on Graphene Micro Wires Defined by Lithography and Plasma Etching
Fernanda Rufino, Aline Pascon, Dunieskys Larrude and José Alexandre Diniz

Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of MOS Solar Cells for Energy Harvesting
Marcos Norio Watanabe, William Chiappim Junior, Verônica Christiano, Fábio Izumi and Sebastiao Santos

Influence of biological element permittivity on BE SOI MOSFETs
Leonardo Yojo, Ricardo Rangel, Katia Sasaki and João Martino

Junctionless-FET fabrication using NH4OH solution wet etching for silicon channel thinning
Lucas Stucchi-Zucchi, Audrey R. Silva, José A. Diniz, Luana Espindola, Alfredo R. Vaz, and Frederico Cloidin

12:20h – Lunch

13:40h Malbec A – SBMicro Invited Talk
Organic Thin Film Transistors: Experimental and Modeling
Tayeb Mohammed-Brahim (Rennes 1 University – France)

14:20h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 7
Optoelectronics and Photonics
Session Chair: Marcelo Antonio Pavanello

InGaP solar cell as the top junction of a multiple junction device for spatial applications
Victor Cunha, Daniel Micha, Rudy Kawabata, Luciana Pinto, Mauricio Pires and Patrícia Souza

Experimental Lateral PIN Gated Photodiode RGB Discrimination with Multiple Incident Optical Power
Rudolf Buhler, Gustavo Montesani and Renato Giacomini

InxGa1-xAs/InyGa1-yP Multiple Quantum Wells for Multijunction Solar Cells
Edgard Winter, Daniel Micha, Rudy Kawabata, Luciana Pinto, Maurício Pires and Patrícia Souza

Applying CMOS capabilities of CEITEC´s foundry towards silicion photonic devices
Talita S. Bürger, Eliana A. M. A. Van Etten, Ricardo C. G. da Silva, Gilliard N. M. Silveira, Celio A. Finardi, Luana L. Mattos, Leandro Tezani, Rafael W. D. Pais, André M. Daltrini and Roberto R. Panepucci

15:40h – Carmenère Coffee-Break

16:20h Malbec A – SBMicro Session 8
Electrical Characterization II
Session Chair: João Antonio Martino

Ground Plane Impact on the Threshold Voltage of Relaxed Ge pFinFETs
Guilherme Vieira Gonçalves, Alberto Oliveira, Paula Agopian, João Martino, Liesbeth Witters, Jerome Mitard, Nadine Colaert, Cor Claeys and Eddy Simoen

Asymmetric Self-Cascode Current-Voltage Constructing Algorithm for Analog Figures-of-Merit Extraction
Lígia Martins d’Oliveira, Valeriya Kilchytska, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

Effect of Lines and Vias Density on the BEOL Temperature Distribution
Rafael Nunes and Roberto Orio

Influence of the Intrinsic Length on the Behavior of PIN Diodes Fabricated on SOI Substrates Working as Solar Cells
Fernando Silva, Rodrigo Doria and Michelly de Souza

Using Statistical Student’s t-Test to Qualify the Electrical Performance of the Diamond MOSFETs
Vinicius Vono Peruzzi, Gabriel Augusto da Silva, Christian Renaux, Denis Flandre and Salvador Pinillos Gimenez

Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Mismatching in GC SOI nMOSFETs Analog Figures of Merit
Camila Alves, Denis Flandre and Michelly de Souza

18:20h Malbec B – Closing Cerimony  

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