Tutorial: Fernando Guarin

Fernando Guarin
GlobalFoundries East Fishkill – USA
Tuesday, Aug. 28 – 16:20h – Malbec A

Reliability challenges for the qualification of Leading Edge Silicon CMOS Technologies including RF Applications

This presentation will address some of the key reliability challenges during the qualification of  leading edge CMOS technologies.  Some of the issues are driven by self heating in SOI and some by the latest trends in semiconductor fabrication as we continue to scale and deal with the new reliability challenges introduced by the use of High K Metal Gate (HKMG) and FinFet devices. We will discuss the reliability impact and the qualification activities driven by the introduction of SOI and new materials.    The path to maintaining the advanced CMOS scaling cadence and new reliability limiting factors will be examined from the reliability perspective. We will also review the reliability requirements for RF reliability devices and applications as we prepare to introduce technologies to serve the 5G introductions requirement. A closer look will be given to Hot Carriers, Bias Temperature Instabilities and Gate Dielectric Integrity.  The characterization, models and qualification methodologies will be put in the required perspective for the successful qualification and transfer of leading edge technologies to a manufacturing environment.

Speaker’s Biography:

Dr. Fernando Guarín is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Global Foundries in East Fishkill NY and Adjunct Lecturer at SUNY New Paltz. He retired from IBM’s SRDC after 27 years as Senior Member of Technical Staff.  He earned his BSEE from the “Pontificia Universidad Javeriana”, in Bogotá, Colombia, the M.S.E.E. degree from the University of Arizona, and the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, NY He has been actively working in microelectronic reliability for over 35 years.

From 1980 until 1988 he worked in the Military and Aerospace Operations division of National Semiconductor Corporation.  In 1988 he joined IBM’s microelectronics division where he worked in the reliability physics and modeling of Advanced Bipolar, CMOS and Silicon Germanium BiCMOS technologies.

Dr. Guarín is an IEEE Fellow, Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Electron Device Society, where he has served in many capacities including;  member of the IEEE’s EDS Board of governors,  chair of the EDS Education Committee, Secretary for EDS. He is the EDS President 2017-2018.


Tutorial realized together with the 2018 EDS Brazil Mini-Colloquium, co-organized by EDS FEI Student Chapter. 

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