Eventos Internacionais

Webinar Series

Current status and future prospects in herbicide discovery
April the 16th 2020
A paradigm shift in the mode of action of glufosinate
April the 23rd 2020
Herbicide Metabolism in Plants
April the 29th 2020
Precision agriculture technologies for sustainable weed management
April the 30th 2020
Does gene drive have a place in agricultural weed management?
May the 04th 2020
Impact of climate change and pest management
May 07th 2020
Application of Molecular Cytogenetics in Weed Science
May 14th 2020
Dicamba Off Target Movement in the United States
June, 10th, 2020
Auxin Herbicides Mode of Action
June, 17th, 2020
Novel herbicide resistance mechanisms to synthetic auxins in weeds
June, 18th, 2020
Application of Omics and Synthetic Biology towards the elucidation of non-target site glyphosate resistance mechanisms in Conyza
June, 25th, 2020

Ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment of pesticides

Ecotoxicology and environmental risk  assessment of pesticides

Seminário Internacional em Herbologia

IV Seminário Internacional em Herbologia
III Seminário Internacional em Herbologia
II Curso Internacional em  Herbologia
I Curso Internacional em Herbologia

Ciclo Internacional de Palestras

I Ciclo Internacional de Palestras: Fitossanidade Molecular