The PPGFS held on March 23, 2018, a workshop entitled “Vision 2030” to collect information that could help the program consolidate grade 6, and to move up the concept to reach level 7 by 2030. Then Director of Evaluation of the Agricultural Sciences Area, Prof. Luiz Carlos Federizzi, the Director of Fapergs, Prof. Odir Dellagostin and UFPel's Director of International Relations, Prof. Max Cenci. In addition to the speakers, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Innovation at UFPel, Prof. Flávio Demarco, the Director of the College of Agronomy Eliseu Maciel, Prof. Dirceu Agostinetto, PRPPGI Postgraduate Director Rafael Vetromini Castro and Innovation Director Vinicius Farias Campos. At the meeting of 18/05/2018, a committee was appointed, which is composed by the Coordinator and Vice-coordinator, Prof. Moses João Zotti and Prof. Edinalvo Rabaioli Camargo, respectively, Prof. Luis Antonio de Avila, the Prof. Danielle Ribeiro de Barros and Student Cristiano Piaseki. After a series of meetings, and after several deliberations and discussions, the report is being presented with the goals, actions and deadlines of what should be done regarding program adjustments.

Aggregate the suggestions collected at the workshop and propose to the board a long-term strategy that emphasizes the improvement of program indices and the quality of the program's HR training.

In the diagnosis phase, aspects related to the items were raised:

1 – Teaching – Improvement of graduation

2 - Research – Improving search quality

3 - Scientific Production – Improving the quality of scientific production

4 - Internationalization – Expansion and consolidation of the internationalization of the program.

5 – Innovation – Encouraging innovation

6 – Extension and Strategic Marketing

7 – Motivation of the teaching staff, students, administrative technicians and graduates – to help each program member achieve their goals.

8 – Expansion and consolidation of national and international cooperation networks.

After the conclusion of this phase, some points were raised that were addressed to the Graduate Program Board for consideration and implementation if approved.

Once they are approved by the board, we will make the disclosure on this page.