Cooperation Projects Between Institutions - PCI

Once reached the latin American attraction constancy in the last few quadrenniums, the program began negotiations to give the Crop Protection doctoral degree to doctors in countries that need these professionals to leverage its creation of knowledge and income. The idea met the initiative of international students that expressed interest of cooperation projects in their home institution. From these discussions, negotiations with the Universidad Estatal de Bolivar (UEB) started. We have a cooperation agreement that was signed by the rectory of that university during a visit of the PPGFs coordinator, Moisés Zotti, before the pandemic (Facebook do PPGFs, Documento 1, Documento 2). Som obstacles postponed the beginning of this action in the present quadrennium, highlighting the management change at UEB, which needed to seize the initial agreements. Obviously the main barrier to a more swift advance was the pandemic, which prevented a visit from a UEB company to PPGFs. In 2020 the agreements resumed. See the first of countless virtual meetings (Facebook do PPGFs). At the time, we have agreed to send a PCI to perform a doctoral degree in Equador, where all the details are settled and the program professors will act as contributors in the masters degree with will be processed locally by UEB.