Motivation for professors to carry out training abroad

The crop protection graduate program has motivated its permanent professor to carry out complementary training abroad. The following training abroad were made in the program. 


  2002 - Prof. Anderson Grutzmacher was on sabbatical in Germany  (Duration of 1 year);


   2005 - Prof. Avila – Doctoral degree at Texas A&M University (Duration of 4 years);


   2008 - Prof. Anderson Grutzmacher was on sabbatical in Germany (Duration 1 year);


   2008 - Dr. Marcos Botton was on sabbatical in California Berckeley (Duration 1 year);


   2013 - Prof. Danielle Ribeiro de Barros was on sabbatical in Portugal (Duration 1 year);


   2014 - Prof. Edinalvo Camargo finished his doctoral degree at finalizou Texas A&M University (Duration 5 years)


   2015 - Dr. Dori Edson Nava to University of California Davis (Duration 1 year);


   2016 - Prof. Andréa Moura to University of Verona in Itália (Duration 1 year);


   2018 - Prof. Flávio Garcia is on sabbatical at University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL;


In 2020 is foreseen Prof. Luis Avila going to the United States as a postdoctoral researcher during 6 months.