Living in Pelotas

Founded in 1780, Pelotas is located in the south of Brazil and is well
known by “Sweet City” (a city that produces a lot of specific sweets).
Considering one of the developed capitals in Brazil, Pelotas has 343.651
habitants and is the most crowded city getting the third place in the state. The
Federal University of Pelotas has a lot of Campus distributed inside the city and
one of them is Capão do Leão. This Campus is located in the countryside and
receive students from courses as Veterinarian, Agronomy and Weed Science

Basic Living Cost
– Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink): R$ 20,00
– Beverages: R$ 3,50

– Ranting a room (monthly): R$ 550,00
– Utilities (heating, electricity, gas, .. .)/month: R$ 280,00
– Ticket for public transportation: R$ 3,25
– Taxi trip (basic tax approximately): R$ 10,00
– Uber (basic tax): R$ 6,75
– Basic dinner out (restaurant or pub): R$ 30,00
– Coffee bar or Cafeteria: R$ 3,00
– Movies (approximately): R$ 7,00 to R$ 15,00

January to May(approximately) : Max. 35º Min. 16º Celsius 
May to August (approximately): Max. 21º Min. 10º Celsius
September to December (approximately): Max. 27º Min.15º Celsius

The national currency adopted in Brazil is the Brazilian Reais. 

Sight-seem Highlights 
– Costa Doce Pelotas
Costa Doce Pelotas is a touristic region located in the south of Brazil in
the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The ride is a short trip for the history, culture,
nature and beauties of this part of the state. If you want to explore the Cultural
Patrimony of Costa Doce, it’s recommended to observe the richness of details
exhibited over the sophisticated buildings in town which was originated by
Charque Cycle. You can understand better the history of Pelotas which was
colonized by Portugal, but there were some influences from Germany, Spain,
France and Africa.

– Central Market
The Central Market is located in the Historical Center. It’s a place
surrounded by many historical buildings recognized by Historic and Cultural
Patrimony. The Market was built in 1848 with a neoclassic conception, a
wonderful building that deserves a fantastic visit. The underneath part of the
Market, shows a lot of souvenirs from town and some specific handcrafting
products. Pelotas is the capital of all sweets and between May and June,
there’s a big Event called Fenadoce. It’s a traditional party that attract so many
people and there’s a lot of typical food!

– Charqueada São João
Charqueada is located alongside of Arroio Pelotas and It’s one of the
most beautiful places of Rio Grande do Sul. The house, Charqueada São João,
keeps part of the History of Rio Grande do Sul. It was bought by Rafael Dias
Mazza, in 1952, as a gift for his wife Nória Moreira Mazza.
Nowadays, It’s an open place to a touristic guide visiting, you can make a
ride by boat or a horse. You can eat a typical food there too (carreteiro de
charque and feijoada), only for group reservation!

– Expresso Quindim
Actually, it’s a vehicle original from 1961 and restored. Nowadays works
for touristic rides by scheduling and you can visit Baronesa Museum,
Charqueadas and the Historic Center with it. Besides the interesting color, the
Quindim has a strident horn that catch the people’s eyes when is arriving in one
specific tourist point. The ride can take you to Charqueada São João as a
touristic stop!