PPGFs/UFPel Visitant Professor Seletion

The registration to the selection of new visitant professor to the Postgraduate Program in Plant Health of the UFPEL will open in the period of 15 of October to 10 of November of 2022, of 12 pm at 6 pm that wiil be maked in the secretary of the postgraduate program in Plant Health, Faculty of Agronomy Eliseu Maciel, Campus Capão do Leão, RS, or […]

Marcos Tomazetti presents his Academic Defense

On May 24th, the master’ student Marcos Tomazetti from Post Graduate Program in Crop Protection – UFPel defended your thesis for Master’s Degree being approved and fulfilled the next to last stage to obtain the title of Master in Crop Protection. The tester board made of Professors : Edinalvo Camargo (UFPel), Enzo Marchesan (UFSM), Anderson Nunes (IFRS-Sertão) e José PArfit (Embrapa Clima Temperado), evaluated his […]