Marcos Tomazetti presents his Academic Defense

On May 24th, the master’ student Marcos Tomazetti from Post Graduate Program in Crop Protection – UFPel defended your thesis for Master’s Degree being approved and fulfilled the next to last stage to obtain the title of Master in Crop Protection. The tester board made of Professors : Edinalvo Camargo (UFPel), Enzo Marchesan (UFSM), Anderson Nunes (IFRS-Sertão) e José PArfit (Embrapa Clima Temperado), evaluated his thesis named “ Dynamics of herbicides pre-emerging in condition of direct seeding by lowland rice”. This thesis was oriented by Prof. Edinalvo Camargo and co-oriented by Doctor’s: André Andres, Dirceu Agostinetto, Fabio Schreiber and Luis Avila.

In your Master’studies, Tomazetti analysed the control of crabgrass rice for many herbicides pre-emerging and how they behave with the presence of straw, on the surface of the ground.

As a base of results obtained Tomazetti concluded that over the field the herbicides oxyfluorfen, pendimethalin and quinclorac were positive affected  by the presence of straw on the ground in years where there’s a rain late timing after the application. In years of rain happening, after the application there’s no influence of straw on the result of herbecides. Furthermore, according to lab studies, the herbicides less lixiviumed  on straw over the rain simulated were clomazone and pendimethalin, although they showed being efficients on the camp work.

After obtaining the Title of Master in Crop Protection, Tomazetti will return to your hometown, Dom Pedrito (RS/Brazil), where he’ll work as major responsible on the camp production of seeds (rice and soybean) inside a local company.

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