“Connecting Generations, Building Longevity” is a cycle of three webinars based on the MLB Strategic Plan, defined according to the four Pillars: Health and Well-Being; Education and Citizenship; Work and Entrepreneurship; Technology and Inovation. Professor Adriana Portella will be participating as a debater for Webinar 2. Watch through the link: CANAL YOUTUBE URBAN CIRCUIT UN-HABITAT.

Webinar 1 “Ways to live in the new times” – Longevity (opening 10/14/2020) Speakers: Prof. D.Sc. Carlota Esteves (Founder of MLB); Prof. D.Sc. Maria Alice Ferrucio (Dir.Adj.POLI / UFRJ); Prof. M.Sc. Silvia Costa (MLB Researcher and Mentor). Mediation: Paulo Protásio (Pres. Câmara Rio).

Webinar 2 – Urban Spaces for Reception and Socialization (15 / Oct / 2020; Webinar 3 – City, Housing and Longevity (16 / Oct / 2020. Speakers: Prof. D.Sc. Jorge Costa (Architect and Urbanist) – Housing and the city in the life of the elderly; Prof. Dr. Adriana Portella (Researcher and Urbanist) – Ageing, Sense of Place and COVID-19 Pandemic; Luciana Gill Barbosa (Architect and Urbanist) – Accessibility, urban mobility and Longevity.

More information at: UN-HABITAT Urban Circuit.

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