Adobe MAX Creativity Conference 2020

Hello guys! I’m passing by to say that this year the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference will be free and online. They address various topics at different levels, from social media, to Photoshop, Indesign, after effects, premier, creative team management and so on. For us who are in remote activities this semester, developing a series of content at a distance with different technologies, is a unique opportunity.

Book: Creating Built Environments: Bridging Knowledge and Practice Divides

Roderick Lawrence, IAPS Hall of Fame Member, has published ‘Creating Built Environments: Bridging Knowledge and Practice Divides’ (Routledge) Divides/Lawrence/p/book/9780815385394

This book presents and illustrates the advantages and challenges of transdisciplinary contributions for innovative projects that transgress conceptual and methodological gaps between interdisciplinary research, professional practice and the livelihoods of residents in cities. The book explains how and why research and practice founded on core principles of People-Environment Studies (PES) and transdisciplinary inquiry can be applied creatively in contemporary projects. It proposes that the built environment sector should be credited with a much larger set of functions in societal responses to contemporary global challenges, including mitigating climate change, infectious and non-communicable diseases, local food production, housing and living conditions, and promoting health and well-being, as well as facilitating progress towards the 17 sustainable development goals and their 169 targets. Numerous examples in this book show that cities and community-led initiatives have bypassed the denial and inertia of national and state governments to creatively produce contextual responses to contemporary societal challenges in a rapidly urbanizing world.


LabCom participated in a meeting on Internationalization between Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela, in the development of a Project on Health in the City, on 08/25/2020. Professors Adriana Portella and Eduardo Rocha do Brasil (Federal University of Pelotas) and Juan Manuel Diez Tetamanti of Argentina (CONICET, Instituto de Investigaciónes Geacionais de la Patagonia) were present.

LabCom Online Cafe Meeting. 28.08.2020

Come and participate in our LabCom Online Cafe Meeting that takes place every Friday at 4pm.

This Friday, 08/28, we will talk about ‘Senior Co-housing: Project Experiences’.

Our meeting is through GoogleMeet. Contact us to request the link to the virtual room.