Adobe MAX Creativity Conference 2020

Hello guys! I’m passing by to say that this year the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference will be free and online. They address various topics at different levels, from social media, […]

Book: Creating Built Environments: Bridging Knowledge and Practice Divides

Roderick Lawrence, IAPS Hall of Fame Member, has published ‘Creating Built Environments: Bridging Knowledge and Practice Divides’ (Routledge) Divides/Lawrence/p/book/9780815385394 This book presents and illustrates the advantages and challenges of […]


LabCom participated in a meeting on Internationalization between Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela, in the development of a Project on Health in the City, on 08/25/2020. Professors Adriana Portella and […]

LabCom Online Cafe Meeting. 28.08.2020

Come and participate in our LabCom Online Cafe Meeting that takes place every Friday at 4pm. This Friday, 08/28, we will talk about ‘Senior Co-housing: Project Experiences’. Our meeting is […]