LabCom Cafe 30/10 4pm (Brazil time zone)

This Friday, October 30, 2020, at 4 pm via GoogleMeet, LabCom promotes another meeting: we will talk about how to promote the reception of refugees and migrants beyond the pandemic. For this debate we will have the special guests:

João Granja, serves on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ Rapporteurship on the Rights of Migrant People, as an expert on the issues of international migration, refuge, statelessness, forced displacement, human trafficking and human mobility. He currently lives in Washington, the USA, where he does postdoctoral studies at Brown University.

Guilherme Mansur, associate researcher at the Centre for the Study of International Migration (CEMI/Unicamp), worked with the implementation of public policies for quilombola communities in Brazil (2008-2011 and 2015-2017) and in different international cooperation projects and initiatives. He is a researcher at the Directorate of High Studies of the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), where he coordinates the Advisory project on Evaluation of Public Policies in Brazil.

Cyntia Sampaio, in her professional career as a social worker, has been involved with international organizations and non-governmental organizations of reference in the protection of vulnerable population groups, and over the years has specialized in the theme of migration and refuge. After some significant work experiences, she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship from the European Union and obtained her Master’s degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations in Germany. She was National Coordinator of the South-South Cooperation Project for the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers in the Latin America and Caribbean Region developed by the International Labor Organization in partnership with the Government of Brazil.

Request the link to the GoogleMeet room by message.

LabCom Online Cafe 23/10 4pm

Friday 23/10 at 4 pm is the Day! We will be talking about what can be considered historical heritage nowadays and we will deal with the controversial kraft house. The meeting will be led by the architect Letícia Aguilera, who brings to the debate the architect teachers Ana Lúcia Costa de Oliveira and Ester Gutierrez. Come and participate, via GoogleMeet, ask for your room link by message.

Healthy Schools Manual to download here

Today we had an important discussion at LabCom Online Cafe on how to Design Healthy Schools for our children considering the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests Carolina Clasen and Eduardo Rocha presented us with the Healthy Schools Manual, developed by IAB in Sao Paulo. The Manual’s development team consists of: Andrea Muner; Anna Beatriz Goulart; Ayumy Pompeii; Bianca Antunes; Carolina Clasen; Debora Laub; Gabriela Viola; Heloisa Bento Ribeiro; Juliana Junqueira; Mariana Demuth; Paula Martins Vicente; Rodrigo Mendes and Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb, under the coordination of Ursula Troncoso. Download the Manual here and learn the basic guidelines for a Healthy School in this pandemic context before sending your child to school.


“Connecting Generations, Building Longevity” is a cycle of three webinars based on the MLB Strategic Plan, defined according to the four Pillars: Health and Well-Being; Education and Citizenship; Work and Entrepreneurship; Technology and Inovation. Professor Adriana Portella will be participating as a debater for Webinar 2. Watch through the link: CANAL YOUTUBE URBAN CIRCUIT UN-HABITAT.

Webinar 1 “Ways to live in the new times” – Longevity (opening 10/14/2020) Speakers: Prof. D.Sc. Carlota Esteves (Founder of MLB); Prof. D.Sc. Maria Alice Ferrucio (Dir.Adj.POLI / UFRJ); Prof. M.Sc. Silvia Costa (MLB Researcher and Mentor). Mediation: Paulo Protásio (Pres. Câmara Rio).

Webinar 2 – Urban Spaces for Reception and Socialization (15 / Oct / 2020; Webinar 3 – City, Housing and Longevity (16 / Oct / 2020. Speakers: Prof. D.Sc. Jorge Costa (Architect and Urbanist) – Housing and the city in the life of the elderly; Prof. Dr. Adriana Portella (Researcher and Urbanist) – Ageing, Sense of Place and COVID-19 Pandemic; Luciana Gill Barbosa (Architect and Urbanist) – Accessibility, urban mobility and Longevity.

More information at: UN-HABITAT Urban Circuit.

LabCom Online Cafe 16th October 2020

Prepare your heart for next Friday, October 16, 2020, at 4 pm, with Carolina Clasen and Eduardo Rocha bringing us this debate on how to design healthy schools for our children in the face of the COVID pandemic. Do not lose! Via GoogleMeet! Request the link by message.

Photo Book Call: Insights on Ageing

The Behavioral Studies Laboratory of the Federal University of Pelotas in partnership with the CAPES PRINT UFPEL Project Center for Studies on Healthy Cities, Ageing and Citizenship, in Brazil, is organizing a photo book with the theme: Insights on Ageing. Everyone is invited to send photographs of their own authorship whose scene addresses ageing and social inequality.

To participate just send your photo in JPG file, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, colour or black and white, along with a word file containing: 1. The title of the photo; 2. Full name of the author of the photo with a contact email; and 3. A 300-word statement about what the photo means and what led the author to photograph that scene. The word file must contain all information in your own language and English.

The material must be sent to:

DEADLINE: 30/10/2020.

All the photos sent to the Photo Exhibition promoted by the 2019 IAPS Symposium Aging in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All ( are included in the book.

The book will be published by the LabCom, through Editora da UFPel in Brazil and distributed free of charge to all authors and interested parties. The forecast is for a print run and e-book.

LabCom Online Cafe October 9, 4pm. Emotions and the City.

Get ready for the next Friday, October 9, 2020 at 4pm, Emotions and City in the conversation with our colleague Professor Cristóbal Ferretti, direct from Chile. Look forward to this meeting! Prepare your Spanish.

Ask for the room link by message. Via GoogleMeet.