The book ACTIONS AND REFLECTIONS: MULTIDISCIPLINARY THINKING, organized by Professors Cristhian Moreira Brum and Tarcisio Dorn de Oliveira from the Laboratory for Behavioral Studies was launched on 16th December 2020. The book presents in its first part issues about Development, Technologies and Sustainability, presenting five chapters that address topics on solid waste, electricity, impact noise, sustainable development, technological innovations, reinforced concrete and high-performance concrete. In the second part, it talks about the Built Space, Social Management and Citizenship through six chapters that address reflections on the family’s origin, adoption, self-censorship, student housing, pandemic and environmental preservation. Finally, the third part deals with Education, Teaching and Learning and consists of five chapters that carefully address topics on teaching methodology, teacher training, teaching hospital architecture, teaching mathematics and teaching practice.

Here you can download the free E-book – Livro Ações e Reflexões.

LabCom Cafe Holiday

On 18th December 2020, we had our LabCom Cafe Holiday, a farewell to the year 2020 that brought us many challenges, but also made it possible for us to contact more international networks through our LabCom Cafe Project, which since the pandemic started to be remote, via GoogleMeet. We continue with our work and with the strengthening and consolidation of our internationalization. On 5th March 2021, at 4 pm in Brazil, via GoogleMeet, we will be back with our meetings. See you soon! We will be waiting for you!

LabCom Research Fellows awarded in the 6th Integrated Week of the Federal University of Pelotas

Labcom had one of its scholarship holders awarded at the XXIX Scientific Initiation Congress of the Federal University of Pelotas: Amanda Ferreira Garcia was awarded in the area of Applied Social Sciences with the study – The relationship of the Elderly with Public Transport in the city of Pelotas/ RS.

Scholarship holder Emily Schiavinatto Nogueira was also awarded in the field of Applied Social Sciences at the 6th Congress on Undergraduate Education, with the study: Essay Poetic Dada – Application of the Cut-up Method in Undergraduate Education.

Congratulations Amanda and Emily !!!

LabCom Cafe 11/12. Round Table between Spain, China, Japan and Brazil

The LabCom Cafe of 11th December will bring us the discussion about Cultural Landscape and Architectural MasterPieces in a round table format with four internationally renowned architects: Miguel Ángel Sorroche (from Spain), Xianjun Zhou (from China), Shunichiro Higashi (from Japan) and Sati Fukunaga (from Brazil). Our meeting starts at 4 pm (from Brazil) in this new round table format. Come and join us, train your Spanish (the meeting will be in Spanish) and bring your contributions to this conversation. The Cafe will be via GoogleMeet, ask for your room key by message.

LabCom Cafe Feminist on 4th December at 4pm (Brazil time)

At this Friday’s LabCom Cafe we will be discussing the inclusion of the feminist perspective in academic research. Professor Dr Ligia Chiarelli will bring us this debate, at 4 pm (Brazil time) on 4th December via GoogleMeet. Ask for your room link by private message.

To get in the mood for the debate, a suggestion: watch the 2015 film ‘As Sufragistas‘ (available on the internet and also on Netflix) before our Cafe and bring your feminist vision of this still so male chauvinist world. Inspired by the suffragette movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in England, the drama “The Suffragists” (Suffragette) portrays the life of a group of women who passively resisted oppression, being ridiculed and ignored by men. From the moment they begin to face increasing police aggression, they decide to rebel publicly.