LabCom participates in the composting workshop of the Hortas Urbanas Project

Last Friday (14/04) the laboratory was present at the workshop “Composting in small spaces and Worm Houses”, taught by Professor Humberto Vianna through the Urban Gardens Project. The meeting took place at Lar da Criança São Luiz Gonzaga, – located in the Simões Lopes neighborhood – an entity linked to the Catholic University of Pelotas (UCPEL) and aimed to promote the use of organic matter for the production of organic compost to be used as fertilizer of vegetable gardens.

At first, theoretical content was presented about what composting is, types of domestic composters and how to use the products generated from the process. Subsequently, a practical activity was carried out by creating a compost bin with buckets and other easily accessible materials, and then the organic and dry materials necessary for the process were added, as well as Californian worms. The compost worm was placed at the school, where it will be used for the production of organic fertilizer.

The knowledge acquired at the event will be applied at the Faculty of Architecture, with the composter being the first step towards Faurb’s community garden.

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