Healthy Schools Manual to download here

Today we had an important discussion at LabCom Online Cafe on how to Design Healthy Schools for our children considering the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our guests Carolina Clasen and Eduardo Rocha presented us with the Healthy Schools Manual, developed by IAB in Sao Paulo. The Manual’s development team consists of: Andrea Muner; Anna Beatriz Goulart; Ayumy Pompeii; Bianca Antunes; Carolina Clasen; Debora Laub; Gabriela Viola; Heloisa Bento Ribeiro; Juliana Junqueira; Mariana Demuth; Paula Martins Vicente; Rodrigo Mendes and Rodrigo Mindlin Loeb, under the coordination of Ursula Troncoso. Download the Manual here and learn the basic guidelines for a Healthy School in this pandemic context before sending your child to school.

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