[ENG] UFPel Supports the ‘Congreso de Historia y de la Carne y sus Derivados de Mataderos’, in Argentina.


UFPel was one of the institutions supporting the V Congreso de Historia y de la Carne y sus Derivados de Mataderos held last October, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the event, UFPel Science and Technology librarian Ubirajara Cruz, whose dissertation thesis dealt with “Frigorífico Anglo Pelotas“, presented the work “Slaughterhouse Anglo – Pelotas: photography, memory and industrial patrimony.” The work was developed under the supervision of Professor Francisca Ferreira Michelon. “In 2014, while still taking my master’s degree, I presented my research project in the Congress. At the time, the work was well received and now, in 2018, I was invited to present the results of my research at the event,” says Ubirajara. The institution is very proud of its student and employee.