[ENG] A Graduation Ceremony 50 Years Later


Half a century after completing their undergraduate program, the graduates of the Eliseu Maciel Agronomy School of UFPel (FAEM) held their graduation ceremony last Thursday (18), prevented from happening at the time due to a controversy involving some homage paid to former Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, the JK. The event brought together about 30 out of the 52 original students.

According to the current director of Faem, Dirceu Agostineto, the 1968 class decided to honor JK because the president had inaugurated the new building of the Agronomy School in Capão do Leão (a neighbor city where the school facilities are located to the present day).

At the time of graduation, JK was in prison and the homage, according to the director, would have displeased the military regime, which would have vetoed the solemnity until the previous evening, though allowing it afterwards.

The internal controversy caused by the fact ended up not allowing the graduation to take place. Back then, the new agronomists received their diplomas without a proper ceremony, as it is usually the case.

In 1968 UFPel had not yet been created. The Agronomy School was part of the Federal Rural University of the South.


Professors Ory Silveira, the commencement speaker, and José da Costa Sacco were honored at the ceremony, which also had the Golden Clover, an honor awarded by FAEM to classes completing 50 years of graduation anniversary, a visit to the tree of the class and the inauguration of the Graduation Board, with pictures dating back to 1968.