Buddy Program

The Buddy Program aims to promote social integration between foreign students and Brazilian students from UFPel. Thus, one of its objectives is to provide cultural exchange experiencies to the participants as well as to help international students accommodate in the city.

With this project, each foreign student will be introduced to one or more Brazilian students. Brazilian students are responsible for assisting the international students during their staying in Brazil. Through Buddy Program, foreigners will be able to easily integrate into the environment of the university and will have immediate opportunities to socially interact with people from the same environment.

If exchange students choose to participate to this program, there will be Brazilian students present all the time to receive and guide international students through the process of getting the necessary documents to stay in Brazil and at the university. Besides, Brazilian students will be willing to guide exchange students through the city, events and other activities.

A reception lecture, presented by CRInter, takes place before the beginning of each semester in order to inform standard procedures of staying in Brazil.

In order to participate in the project as an international student, please, access any of the links below and fill the form:
English speakers
Portuguese speakers
Spanish speakers

If you are a Brazilian student of UFPel, you can apply for the project by clicking on the link below and filling the form during the enrollment period, which is disclosed by CRInter before the beginning of each semester at UFPel.
Brazilian students