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Mandatory Disciplines

Methodology of Research in Political Science

Objective to subsidize the students in the elaboration of the master’s thesis project. It is divided into two moments: first, it aims to present introductory elements about the production of research in the area of ​​Political Science, seeking the preliminary construction of the dissertation project (theme, object, problem, objectives, hypotheses). After the provisional construction of the dissertation project, it intends to assist students in the knowledge and use of methods (quantitative and qualitative) and research techniques (collection techniques, methods of organization, treatment of materials) in Political Science suitable for the specific use in each project.


Contemporary Theory of Democracy

Its objective is to present the discussion about the elitist-liberal paradigm of democracy in Political Science, which exerts an important influence on the theoretical formulations of its critics. Alternatively, it proposes to present some of the critical aspects to the elitist-liberal paradigm, such as: participatory democracy, republicanism.


Orientation Seminar

Seeks the elaboration of the research project of the postgraduate student, with a view to enabling the accomplishment of the qualification and the development of the dissertation. It has as its specific objective the realization of all the elements inherent in scientific research: construction of the object, formulation of the problem, delimitation of the field, definition of objectives and hypotheses, choice of methods and research techniques. In this sense, the discipline involves an individualized process, to be developed directly by the supervisor, based on the needs and specificities of each project.

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