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Political Dynamics and Social Conflicts

It articulates researches with different interfaces and / or disciplinary dialogues, such as Political History, Sociology and International Relations. It brings together works attentive to the multiple contemporary interactions between the local, the national and the global, emphasizing the relations between state, market and civil society. As a structuring axis, the line is concerned with identities and socio-political processes related to issues of rights, social justice and inequalities, especially in Latin America.

In this sense, we highlight the interest in mobilizations, identities and contemporary activism that are characterized by heterogeneity of actors, movements and organizations, in spaces not necessarily institutionalized and formalized. Issues and demands related to gender and politics, the world of work in times of globalization and decolonization of power highlight the main research agendas. Therefore, investigations that deal with various social disputes and conflicts, especially in their political dimension, are of interest to the line.

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