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Mandatory Disciplines

Political Theory

Implementado con el objetivo de viabilizar la realización de la defensa del proyecto y el desarrollo de la tesis. En este sentido, busca discutir críticamente y constructivamente los proyectos de tesis de doctorado, incluyendo un proceso individualizado a ser desarrollado directamente con el orientador, a partir de las necesidades y especificidades de cada proyecto.


Contemporary Theory of Democracy

The aim of this discipline is to present the discussion about the elitist-liberal paradigm of democracy in Political Science, which exerts an important influence on the theoretical formulations of its critics. Alternatively, it proposes to present some of the critical aspects to the elitist-liberal paradigm, such as: participatory democracy, republicanism.

Thesis Seminar I

The discipline is focused on the improvement of the doctoral research project. Got as main objective to improve the inherent elements of the scientific research proposal (construction of the object, formulation of the problem, delimitation of the field, definition of objectives and hypotheses, choice of methods and research techniques), as well as the deepening of the theoretical discussion in the research project. In this sense, the discipline involves a peer process, under the guidance of the regent teacher of the discipline, aiming at helping to overcome issues diagnosed by the group in each project.


Thesis Seminar II

The discipline will be developed with a view to enabling qualification and the development of the thesis. In this sense, it seeks to discuss critically and constructively the projects of doctoral thesis, involving an individualized process to be developed directly with the supervisor, based on the needs and specificities of each project.

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