LabCom Cafe Sept 14th: Hostile Architecture and Aporophobia

Next Wednesday, September 14, 2022, at 6 pm, there will be a meeting with Father Júlio Lancellotti, speaking directly from São Paulo, about aporophobia and hostile architecture through a digital platform. The broadcast will take place at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at UFPel, with audience in-person. Come early to save yourself a seat. It is important to note that the event will not be recorded or streamed.
Father Júlio Renato Lancellotti is a Brazilian Catholic priest and pedagogue. He priests of the parish of São Miguel Arcanjo in the Mooca neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. Alongside the parish, the priest is also responsible for the masses held in the chapel of Universidade São Judas Tadeu, located on the same street. Father Júlio Lancellotti, a national reference in care and care for homeless people, received an award from MTV Miaw in July 2022. The event presented the trophy ‘Transforms Human Rights’ to the religious, who dedicated it to residents in situations of vulnerability.
Father Júlio Lancellotti fights the practice of Hostile Architecture and leaded an action of intervention to remove irregular stones, positioned by the city of São Paulo under a viaduct to prevent homeless people from occupying the space. Hostile architecture is represented by elements inserted in the city to exclude certain social groups from the public space, characterized by hostile interventions that aim to prevent the permanency, rest or passage of people living on the streets, mainly. We understand that the term architecture is even inappropriate, since architecture should be a discipline of social inclusion – not exclusion. Aporophobia, therefore, is the practice of keeping the poor away from private, public, central and tourist spaces in cities, motivated by a feeling of repulsion towards people in vulnerable situation. The term created by the Spanish philosopher Adela Cortina translates a social pathology that manifests itself in the aversion to someone who is perceived as different.
The meeting will grant a certificate of 2 complementary hours to the participants, in addition to coffee and snacks. We are waiting for you at the Faurb UFPel auditorium, on Sept 14h at 6 pm!
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