[ENG] Bath Spa and Messina are New UFPel Partners


In October 2018, the President of UFPel signed two new cooperation agreements with foreign educational institutions. UFPel new partners are the Bath Spa University, in the UK, and the University of Messina, in Italy.

Both agreements seek to promote the academic mobility of students and faculty members between the participating universities, as well as increase scientific production. In addition to these partnerships, UFPel already has more than 90 agreements with different institutions from more than 20 countries around the world.

Bath Spa University and UFPel have already developed  joint action in September 2018, when four English music students and two professors were appointed by Bath Spa University to spend three weeks in Pelotas, performing culture-related activities focusing specifically on music, with an agenda organized by UFPel International Office.

Picture was taken from: Blog Simplifica Fretes