[ENG] English Students Take Summer School at UFPel


Last September, UFPel offered its first Summer School Program to four students and two professors from Bath Spa University, England.  Music and Culture students Alice Brooks, Joshua Decordova, Savannah Rae Squair and Adam Biggs, along with their professors Matthew Spring and Adam Biggs, spent three weeks at UFPel following an intense agenda especially tailored and organized by the International Office

Among the activities proposed, the students attended classes of Portuguese as a foreign language, Pomeranian language and culture, classes about cultural heritage and the history of the city, dance and Brazilianness, as well as a number of workshops in their areas of interest. They also participated of the rehearsal sessions of UFPel’s Woodwind Orchestra, Choro Club and activities related to the institutional extension program on Percussion Instruments. Visits to the historical center, several museums, a local soccer stadium, a guitar festival, a samba school, and Laranjal beach were also very much enjoyed to help the group socialize and interact with the local community and life.

All the activities were performed in English thanks to a supporting team of volunteer students from UFPel, who accompanied the group full time and assisted their communication needs.