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Scholarships/Capes Rules

Master’s Scholarships

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The Graduate Program in Territorial Development and Agrobusiness Systems currently has 02 (two) master’s scholarships. The scholarships are provided by CAPES.


Yesterday (05.11.2015 – minute 4), the Academic and Administrative Committee of the PPGDTSA gathered and approved criteria for inclusion and maintenance of the master’s scholarships.   The approved criteria:

1) Admission: according to the obtained order in the selection process.

2) After the first year an assessment is made (from now on every August): if you do not have Utilization Index (UI) of at least 03 (three) the scholarships go to younger students.

3) new students will receive the scholarships according to the order of selection (for now it has been defined as at least 50% of the scholarships. There is a proposal that will be evaluated at the next meeting of the Academic and
Administrative Committee to distribute the scholarships among the classes in proportion to the number of students) – approved Criterion (Minute 5 -2015).

4) If there is a surplus of scholarships, the scholarships will be intended for
students with higher UI.

These criteria apply to students qualified to receive scholarships, according to the rules of the funding agencies.

We also inform that the coordination and the other professors of the program maintain efforts to achieve new master’s scholarships through Capes, CNPq, and own projects, to give access to all who need them.

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