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PPGDTSA professors offer post-doctoral courses in Brazil and abroad

February 04, 2019

Professor Marcelo Fernandes Pacheco Dias has done post-doctoral work at the Science Policy Research Unit – SPRU of Sussex University in England. From August to December 2018, the post-doctoral fellowship was held. The research supervisor was the Professor Matiaz Ramirez, a researcher on the innovation processes of SPRU/SUSSEX.

Professor Marcelo reports that it was possible to move forward in the theoretical debate and the outcomes of the project “Management of Technological Niches”, a research project carried out by Embrapa in the development of technologies for the production of native fruits in the South of Brazil.

Professor Marcelo also highlights that Sussex University, especially SPRU, is an environment for very dynamic academic debates. Professor Marcelo highlights the participation in the seminars promoted by Professor Matias.

On these opportunities, several cases of innovative Management of Technological Niches in Latin America were debated, mainly in Colombia. Professor Marcelo also highlights his participation in the annual meeting of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium -TIPC, led by Professor Johan Schot, SPRU director.

It is an international project that involves researchers, governments, and the society in the global social and economic challenges debate in order to create new models for science, technology and innovation.

Also, the professor Elvis Silveira Martins is currently working on a post-doctoral internship at Universidade do Vale do Itajai, UNIVALI, in Santa Catarina, with a CAPES scholarship and under the supervision of the PhD Carlos Ricardo Rossato, from the second semester of 2018 to the first semester of 2019, conducting research in the field of strategy.

In the second semester of 2019, the outgoing professors Vilmar Tôndolo, who will be an intern at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo (EAESP FGV) for a period of one year, under the supervision of Professor Doctor Ely Laureano Paiva, and Rosana Tôndolo, who will do Post-Doctoral work at the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos – UNISINOS, under the supervision of Professor Amarolinda Saccol.



Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Student Program – PEC-PG and the OAS Academic Scholarships Program offer
opportunities for foreign students who would like to attend Master’s and PhD Graduate
Programs in Brazil, by granting scholarships.

For further information, please visit:

Student Program – Graduate Program – PEC-PG

Academic Scholarships Program




The tenth edition of the summer school of “Sebastiano Brusco Local Development School”, located in Seneghe, Sardinia, Italy, was attended by Professors Flávio Sacco dos Anjos and Nádia Velleda Caldas from the Department of Agrarian Social Sciences, Faculty of Agronomy – PPG DTSA, UFPel. The 2015 edition, entitled “Entrepreneurship, Territory, and Innovation”, took place between 20 and 24 July 2015, targeting academics from the University of Cagliari, technicians linked to European Union territorial development projects, researchers, and professors from Italian universities. Professor Flávio’s intervention dealt with processes of quality social construction in agri-food production, while Professor Nádia Caldas’ conference

presented the Brazilian experience of Participatory Certification of Organic Products. The activity also included the participation of Professors Pierluigi Milone and Flaminia Ventura, linked to the University of Perugia, which was
coordinated by Professor Silvia Sivini, linked to the “Center for Studies in Rural Development” of the University of Calabria.



PPGDTSA Professor Participation in International Seminar

Posted on 10.08.2014 by  ppgdtsa

PPGDTSA’s Professor, Flávio Sacco dos Anjos, attended to the “International Seminar on Rural Territorial Development: the Brazilian and Spanish experiences” on October 7, 2014, lecturing “Geographical indication as a
development strategy.” The event was held thanks to a partnership between the Federal University of Uberlândia and the Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados.

International Seminar on Rural Territorial Development Folder



Graduate Program in Territorial Development and Agrobusiness Systems received visit from Argentine researchers

Posted on 09.15.2014 by  ppgdtsa

On the first week of September, UFPel was visited by a delegation from “Universidad Nacional del Sur”, of the city of Bahía Blanca (Argentina), invited by the Graduate Program in Territorial Development and Agrobusiness Systems (FAEM – FAT).

The group was composed by Prof. LILIANA SCOPONI, Assistant Prof. MARÍA ALICIA SCHMIDT (PhD student), and the Student of Administration MATÍAS GZAIN. Their first visit to PPGDTSA served to strengthen the ties between professors and students at UFPel and UNS. For five days, the students of the first class of the new graduate program, coordinated by Prof. Marcelo Fernandes Pacheco Dias, and other FAT professors were able to exchange
research experiences with the visiting group.

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