Oct 11th: Green Movement FAUrb

This Tuesday, October 11th, starting 1:30 pm, the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAUrb UFPel) invites everyone to participate in the Green Movement FAUrb, which aims to requalify landscaping in the main access to the Faculty’s building at Benjamin Constant Street number 1359. Afterwards, the unit is invited to participate in the Open Class with a meeting point at the Pelotas Public Market square.

The movement is part of the objectives promoted by Chapa 1 All Of Us, which competes for the direction of the unit. 2 seedlings of the Extremosa tree (Lagerstroemia indica) will be planted that framed the main façade of Architecture and Urbanism, in addition to guaranteeing greater psychological and thermal comfort to all who pass by, whether to use the public transport station or to drive to the whether to CEART or ICH.

Native to southwest Asia, Extremosa is adapted to the climate of most of Brazil, including the Pampa, and follows the seasons. Small, it is widely recommended for sidewalks in urban areas as it reaches up to 8m in height and is below the electrical wiring. In addition, it does not produce many surface roots.

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