domingo, 26 de maio

Creation of the Thematic Center of Innovation in Nanomedicine (NanoMed)

Download the International Cooperation Project here.
Coordinator: Prof. Neftali Lenin Villarreal Carreño      Academic Profile

One of the main objectives of the proposal involving the field of Materials included in the proposal of the Health area is the consolidation of an integrated platform for research, training and technology transfer in the area of Materials from renewable and artificial resources for biomedical applications. In this project, nanostructured materials for wound repair will be developed using biomembrane derivatives functionalized with different proteins, which may have excellent wound healing properties due to the incorporation of different biomolecules that have antimicrobial activity, also increasing coagulation time and inhibiting aggregation of platelets. These membranes may be used in humans and/or animals as external medical devices.

Lectins obtained by Biotechnology researchers are a class of proteins that have invaluable properties for biological applications since they are able to make reversible carbohydrate bonds. Its potential applications include inhibition of tumor cell growth, antimicrobial action, antifungal action and tissue repair.

In this sense, the ability of these macromolecules to activate immune cells, neutrophils, macrophages and mast cells indicates a potential for accelerating wound healing and regeneration of epithelial tissue. When functionalized in biomembranes, they can release expected quantities.

On the other hand, recent surveys about the world population indicate that a high percentage of the population– over 70% – needs some kind of repair or restitution in the craniofacial region, related to dental loss, periodontal disease, dental trauma, caries disease, bone physiological disorders, osteoporosis and cancer.

In this sense, functional materials are required in several restoration processes aiming to maintain and improve the function of the bone tissue. These challenges are faced by multidisciplinary teams working in Biomaterials at UFPel.