quinta-feira, 25 de julho

Use of agriculture co-products in the feeding of ruminants

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Coordinator: Prof. Cassio Cassal Brauner                            Academic Profile

In recent years there has been a significant increase in agricultural production in Brazil. Parallel to this growth, the procesing of products has been improved. Thus, there is a demand towards the correct destination of crop residue, as well as its use as co-products in other areas of plant and/or animal production. In this sense, studies aiming at the sustainable (environmentally and economically) use of a significant range of these co-products are of fundamental importance for the socio-productive equilibrium and feasibility of several agricultural production systems.

Currently, UFPel projects are being carried out in order to enable the viability of co-products for the feeding of ruminants in two important areas for the State: one in the wine sector, a significant sector in the Campanha (south half of the state) and mountain regions, and the other in the field of sweet potato production has great presence in the central depression and coast region of Rio Grande do Sul.

Therefore, actions that seek to make feasible studies with other productive sectors, identification of potential co-products that can be used in ruminant feeding (beef cattle, milk and sheep) would have a direct impact on the productive sector, adding value to the co-products themselves as well as potentially reducing the production costs of the target productive sector, directly benefiting the rural producer.

To this end, it is possible to foster the creation of a network of national and international researchers to enable the exchange of experiences in different subjects, in a multidisciplinary approach, researching local productions, but sharing the experiences on the subject of other researchers, thus increasing the number of research projects in the different areas of interest.