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Lines of Research

The Postgraduate Program in Water Resources/UFPel has a concentration area, designated as “Water Systems”. The objectives of this area are to:

i) study water resources by developing basic and applied research and technologies in this area; ii) produce knowledge and equip qualified professionals at the Master’s and Doctorate levels as capable of developing projects, products, innovations and methodologies applied to the monitoring, diagnosis and management of watersheds; and iii) provide an understanding of the relationships between water resources and the natural and man-made environment in order to make better use of it.

Within this area there are two main lines of research: “Water Resource Monitoring and Diagnosis” and “Watershed Management”.

Water Resource Monitoring and Diagnosis

This line of research refers to the monitoring of water resources and to the development of diagnostics for decision making in relation to water resources. Additionally, this line of research interrelates monitoring and diagnosis with other natural resources in the environment, giving a more open view of the system for a more concise and coherent diagnosis which envisions the action in the environment. The creation of products and technologies for monitoring and diagnosis is included in this area, in addition to the application of instruments, mechanisms and equipments for monitoring and collecting information.

Watershed Management

This line of research refers to the rational and sustainable use and management of a watershed, through the knowledge of all the components interrelated with the many different aspects of water resources, from a broad, comprehensive and systemic view of the environment. This area is aimed at utilizing the most adequate management, involving a reduction of impacts by its use. In this line of research, techniques for remediation and recovery of water resources and the environment that surrounds them are addressed.

Specific research areas:

  • Soil and water dynamics in watersheds
  • Irrigation engineering
  • Pump elevation
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Geotechnologies applied to water resources
  • Water resource management
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydrology
  • Hydrometeorology
  • Watershed hydrometry
  • Hydro-sedimentology
  • Impacts and remediation of water resources
  • Irrigation management
  • Hydrological modeling in watersheds
  • Water quality in watersheds