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Conversion of credits

According to the Regulations, it is allowed for the students to convert credits obtained in courses from other PPGs to credits in the PPG in Water Resources as long as they are related to the area of knowledge of the graduate students. The equivalence between courses will be assessed by the Collegiate of the PPG in Water Resources.

The students are responsible for requesting the conversion of credits, which depends on the consent of their supervisor. Such a request has to be submitted by using the online form made available by the PPG in Water Resources. It should be pointed out that the conversion of credits is limited to 50% of the minimum number of credits to be taken in the Doctoral level (PPG in Water Resources). In other words, the students can convert 20 credits at most. If the students take other courses of the PPG in Water Resources, they can be converted to credits for the Doctoral level even if case of exceeding the 50% of credits.

If you wish to request the conversion of credits, please fill out the form available at this link and submit it.