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Qualification Exam

Doctoral students will be submitted to the Qualification Exam as a requirement to obtain the Doctoral degree in Water Resources, considering the following criteria as established by the Board.

Qualification exams will be based on the doctoral research project, and requires that the student has:

i. completed at least 70% of the minimum number of credits required for the Program;

ii. no pending course with a “D” grade;

iii. written the exam at least 6 (six) months prior to the Thesis defense;

iv. presented a valid certificate as proof of passing the English proficiency test.

As for the evaluation panel for the qualification exam, it is required that:

i. the qualification exam board for Doctoral degrees is constituted by the supervisor and by 2 (two) or more professors and/or researchers with the title of Doctor of which, at least 1 (one) must be external to the Program;

ii. the co-supervisor may form part of the examining board as long as it is composed by more than three members.

The following requirements are required for the qualifying examination and presentation:

i) Defense of a qualification document that follows the thesis model, in accordance with UFPel publication rules, safeguarding the necessary adaptations to the qualification condition, such as changing the item “Results” to “Preliminary Results” and the insertion option of the “Schedule” item, among others that the author deems necessary.

ii) The student will make the presentation in a public session before the examining panel;

iii) After the student’s presentation, the panel will proceed with the argument, which will not be public, covering, in addition to aspects related to the document, also knowledge in Water Resources related to the area of knowledge to which the student is linked.

For students to be approved in the qualification exam, the following will be considered:

i. Students who obtain the score “S” (sufficient) by all members of the examining board in the doctoral qualification exam will be approved;

ii. Students who obtain the score “I” (insufficient) must repeat the exam within 6 (six) months after the first exam, to be presented to the same board;

iii. Students who do not pass the second qualification exam will be disconnected from the Program.


In order to apply for the Qualification Exam, supervisors must complete the form available at this link.