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The Postgraduate Program in History at the Federal University of Pelotas, located in the Humanities Institute, is comprised by the Master and Doctorate Degree, approved respectively in 2009 and 2018. The main area is “Frontiers and Identities”, having three lines of research: “State: between power, tensions and authoritarianism”; “Images: between iconography, visual culture and intermidiality”; and “TRAJECTORIES(?): between identities, memory and social conflict”.

UFPel is the only university in the bottom half of the Rio Grande do Sul to offer, in History Postgraduate, the courses of  Master’s and Doctorate degree, putting forward the historical studies in the region. The program’s course, with an interdisciplinary outline, includes professors from five units of which span different academic fields, like History, Archaeology, Visual Arts, Literature, Education, Sociology and Tourism. The program has been welcoming outside researchers in the form of Post Doctorate and Visiting Professor – accepting foreigners as well.

At the far south of the country and a hundred kilometer from the border, Pelotas geographical location calls it for the “national borders” studies. This encourages a wider thinking about concepts such as “border/frontier” and “identity”, in its multiple interpretations and applications possibilities, with a gateway for different regions and periods in history.