Study guides

With the aim of motivating the debates within the event, study guides regarding the topics of each committee are published for the delegates, all of them elaborated by the PelotasMUN Team.

In order for delegates to be prepared with basic information on the covered topics, it is required that they read them carefully. Research on further information about the topics is highly encouraged, so delegates will be more prepared for the discussions before the event begins. The more each participant knows about the topic to be discussed, the better.

Sexto Comitê (Legal)
TOPICO 1 – Responsabilidade criminal de funcionários das nações unidas e funcionários em missão
Concessão do status de refugiado com base na identidade sexual ou identidade de gênero

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)
TOPIC 1 – The violation of Human Rights in The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
TOPIC 2 – The situation of Human Rights in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
TOPIC 3 – 
Asylum for LGBTQ Individuals Fleeing Persecution

You can access the study guide here.

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