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Dear AIHM Community,


AIHM has joined 87 global organizations to launch the Peoples’ Declaration for Traditional, Complementary & Integrative Healthcare


A broad array of treatment options responding to diverse needs


Responding to diverse needs and differences in cultural backgrounds, individuals deserve to have access to a broad array of effective treatment options, including traditional, complementary, and integrative healthcare (TCIH). It is time to support the integration of TCIH and biomedical practices in a respectful, supportive and collaborative manner. Help us support your patients even better by improving the future of healthcare—one that is patient-centered and respects individual choices. Sign the TCIH Declaration now.


Ensuring respectful collaboration and learning 


Improving health outcomes requires the respectful collaboration between all healthcare practitioners and the patient with the aim of improving health outcomes and determining the best therapeutic approach for each patient. Let’s provide a value-based, patient-centered, whole-person health approach to all. It’s the future of healthcare; help realize it by signing the TCIH Declaration.


Sustainability through availability of TCIH


Traditional, complementary, and integrative healthcare (TCIH) modalities belong to the future model of sustainable and affordable healthcare. By bringing focus on prevention, lifestyle factors, and long-term immune and health resilience, the TCI health approach plays an important role in preparedness for future global pandemics.


Sign the TCIH Declaration today for a healthier future tomorrow.

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TCI Health Declaration – Peoples Declaration for Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Healthcare