Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Photo: UFPel Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Pelotas, Brazil. Source: Lorena Maia.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, through the Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism and the Laboratory of Behavioral Studies, will be organizing the event. The Faculty was created immediately after the foundation of the Federal University of Pelotas. The first studies for its implementation date from 1970. At the time, there were only two courses in Architecture and Urbanism in the southern region of Brazil – in Porto Alegre and Curitiba – a fact that contributed to the implementation of teaching in this area at the University. When creating the Architecture and Urbanism Course, UFPEL hosted the second Architecture course in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The following year, Ordinance No. 215, of November 24, 1971, from the UFPEL Rectory, created and implemented the Architecture course at the Arts Institute. The Architecture and Urbanism Course was recognized by Decree nº 81.607 of 4/27/1978, published in the Official Gazette of 4/28/1978.

The general objective of the Undergraduate Course in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Pelotas is to train professionals able to understand and translate the needs of individuals, social groups and the community in relation to the design, organization and construction of indoor and outdoor space, covering planning urban and regional, landscaping and urbanism, building, as well as the valorization and conservation of the built heritage, the protection of the balance of the natural environment and the rational use of available resources. For more information, visit the Faculty’s website: http://faurb.ufpel.edu.br/

Photo: UFPel Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Pelotas, Brazil. Source: FAURB / UFPEL.