The event is totally funded by the CAPES-PRINT Project – Centre for Healthy Cities, Ageing and Citizenship involves academics from the Postgraduate Programs in Architecture and Planning, Social Memory and Cultural Heritage, Dentistry, Physical Education, and Epidemiology of the Federal University of Pelotas. The Centre works with the following countries: UK, France, Argentina and Chile. It is part of a bigger Institutional Project of the Federal University of Pelotas.

The Centre is part of the CAPES PRINT International Program of the Brazilian Federal Government. The aim is to encourage the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic internationalization plans; stimulate the formation of international research networks; expand actions to support internationalization in postgraduate programs; promote mobility of professors and students (with an emphasis on PhD students, post-doc fellows and professors abroad and to Brazil); foster the transformation of participating institutions in an international environment, and integrate other CAPES promotion actions to the Brazilian internationalization effort.