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4.1) Advanced Clinical Biochemistry: 04 credits – Code D001191

Syllabus: Techniques and methods of laboratory diagnosis of clinical analyzes related to biochemical changes related to human pathologies. Tools applied to interpretation of results, as well as knowledge in the field of biochemistry in clinical analysis laboratory. Study of the chemical constituents of the organism and the importance of the clinical-laboratory relationship in clinical analyzes.


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Recent and original works published in indexed journals of national and international circulation.


4.2) Experimental Biochemistry: 04 credits – Code D001189

Syllabus: Provide theoretical-practical subsidies for the doctoral student to understand the role of biochemical components, in the most varied systems, through experimental investigation. Provide conditions for the execution of general techniques used in biochemical studies, always aiming to understand the chemical basis of these reactions.



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Recent and original works published in indexed journals of national and international circulation.


4.3) Thesis Elaboration: 01 credit – Code 1650035

Syllabus: The discipline Thesis Elaboration corresponds to the survey and analysis of the results obtained during the doctorate period. The student will carry out the bibliographical survey, write their results and present the resulting articles in the form of a thesis in accordance with the norms established in the program’s regulations.


Current bibliography on the subject of the thesis.


4.4) Special Topics in Biochemistry: 02 credits – Code 1658056

Syllabus: Topics related to the Program’s lines of research will be addressed, focusing mainly on pertinent subjects that will contribute to the interdisciplinary formation of the student.



Current bibliography related to the topic addressed in the discipline.

Original works published in journals of national and international circulation.