Junior Enterprise

The Hut8 – Junior Computer Enterprise is an association of students of Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses. The Junior Computing Enterprise is organized, managed and maintained by students and has the collaboration of course teachers. These are responsible for monitoring and guiding students, as well as intermediating the interactions of the Company with the University.

The main objective of the Junior Computing Company is to personally and professionally develop the students involved through business experiences in the specific areas of Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Enterprise specific objectives are:

Promote and encourage entrepreneurship and innovative thinking that connects the academic environment to business and industry;
Identify, create and develop computer service niches in the region;
Provide a low-cost alternative to micro and small businesses in the region that otherwise would not have access to specialized computing services;
Provide a complementary dimension of training to the students of the courses involved, in line with the Political-Pedagogical Projects.