Graduate Program in Computing

The UFPel’s Graduate Program in Computing (PPGC), linked to the Center for Technological Development (CDTec), offers Academic Masters and Doctorate courses in Computer Science with an annual entrance in five lines of research. The PPGC was approved at the masters level by CAPES in November 2010 and at the doctorate level in 2015. It received grade 5 in the last assessment.

Coordination (2021-2023)

Coordinator: Bruno Zatt
Assistant Coordinator: Guilherme Ribeiro Corrêa

Past Coordinations

2019-2021: Marcelo Schiavon Porto / Bruno Zatt
2017-2019: Gerson Geraldo Homrich Gentleman / Marcelo Schiavon Porto
2015-2017: Ricardo Matsumura Araujo / Bruno Zatt
2013-2015: Felipe de Souza Marques / Ricardo Matsumura Araujo
2010-2013: Gerson Geraldo Homrich Gentleman / Luciano Volcan Agostini