Postgraduate course – Architecture and Urbanism MA

The Postgraduate course in Architecture and Urbanism (PROGRAU) promotes expansion of the undergraduate student’s knowledge and perspective in light of the diverse interfaces of the profession of Architecture and Urbanism. The integration between the undergraduate and postgraduate courses is emphasized by the fellowship given to undergraduate students which are able to collaborate with postgraduate students in field studies and data analysis, enabling the growth of all involved actors. In addition, the activities developed by PROGRAU, such as lectures, seminars, and inaugural classes, are open to graduation courses in order to encourage students to develop research and to enter in the postgraduate program in the future. The objective of this integration is to bring contributions of theoretical and practical studies developed in the Masters Course to the Undergraduate teaching classes in the course of Architecture and Urbanism, either by knowledge transfer or by the favorable repercussion in the habits and academic practices of approximation between the two levels of education. For more information visit the Program’s website.